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Pros&Babes connects career-minded moms and their partners before, during and after maternity leave. Click on the image to the left to watch a video about sessions for moms on mat leave.

Join us if you ...

  • Are looking for like-minded, career-driven parents
  • Would like to connect with a mentor to keep you accountable for your family and career goals as your children grow
  • Want to be stimulated intellectually during a mat leave

NEW! Pros&Babes is launching in Winnipeg in october 2018!

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Upcoming programs for moms on mat leave, working moms, and dads on parental leave

Pregnant? On mat leave?

Join Connect, Learn, Grow for Professionals on Mat Leave - eight week program

Fall 2018

September 25 - register (Edmonton)

October 24 - register (Winnipeg)

October 25 - register (Edmonton)

Participants sign up for two months and meet with their babies weekly. Moms discuss career and motherhood topics.

Sessions sell out a few weeks in advance. Don't miss out - register early!

Working mom?

Register for the fall session of MommyMentors. Starts in October 2018.

This program connects professional moms at all stages of career and motherhood (kids of any age) with a peer mentor. All participants meet as a group every few weeks in the evening to discuss career and parenting challenges. As part of the program:

  • You will develop a close relationship with another career-driven mom, who will become an accountability partner for your goals
  • You will receive a toolkit to track your life, family and career goals
  • You will join a "tribe" of career-driven moms who will act as a sounding board for your career and motherhood journey
  • You will develop or enhance coaching/mentorship skills
  • You will help shape the conversation about career-life integration in Edmonton.

"As a working mom, what I appreciate about Pros&Babes is the space it allows for real, honest conversations with other career-driven women about the challenges we face to balance desires of continued professional growth with motherhood. The workshops offer an opportunity to reflect on what inspires us about our careers, share techniques in balancing parenting and be held accountable for newly developed goals in our work and personal lives." - Johnna L., author, participant

Working dad? Or taking parental leave?

*NEW* Hops&Pops

Pros&Babes is building a community of dads interested in/on parental leave, or who are part of a family with kids in which both spouses have demanding careers. Register to participate in the fall meetups.

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