Don’t Be Complacent with How Things Are

At times, I wonder how easy it is to drone along in this world not realizing how standardized certain things have become. I mean, the fact that the vast majority of our population takes certain laws by the government as the be all end all and doesn’t remotely question them (especially regarding drug enforcement on harmless drugs) is baffling to me. And what’s more baffling is that I was one of those people just a year or two ago.

The world works in certain ways to maintain order and structure. I understand that much and wouldn’t be surprised that this is one of the “best” ways for humans to remain civilized. The problem is, a lot of people act as if this is the only way to do it. That any sort of change is bad, regressive, or destructive.

And why do they feel that way? Well, anytime something with laws or technology or food changes in America, people’s lives also change up. And too many people out there feel that any impact on their life is a bad one instead of accepting a new and better way.

One thing that’s made me realize this sort of complacency with the world as it is happens to be grocery stores. I walk up and down the aisles like any other person shopping for my dinners and breakfast foods and snacks and drinks. But I never used to question why certain things were placed in certain areas of the store, like milk and eggs and butter at the very back of most grocery stores. They’re there because they’re staples of most American diets. And the farther back you have to walk, the more other foods and drinks and things you see on your way, enticing you to fill your cart more than you planned on.

That’s how candy boxes and bags of chips and who knows what else get tossed into your cart. Because you pass it as you walk by to get something at the back of the store. The next thing you know, your candy boxes and junk food and whatever else is being rung up at the cash register and you’ve spent 20 or 30 bucks more than you expected to.

This is how things work. This is how it’s so easy to be a mindless drone who’s okay with how things are here and now. I’m not saying you have to be some conspiracy theorist who doubts everything. I’m not saying that at all. I just think the world needs more people who think about why things are how they currently stand. That’s how good change takes place. People revise, refine, and move forward.