Proper Packing Tips For All Household Items

Proper packing is essential to a successful move. There's always a risk that your valuables may shift during transport, which could damage them before you reach your destination. However, there are ways to mitigate this issue and professional packing services can use their expertise to take care of everything for you.

General Tips

  • Make a list to keep track of important items.
  • Start slow and give yourself enough time to pack carefully.
  • Consider donating or selling items you do not want.
  • Sort and pack items according to each room.
  • Only use packing paper, as other types might transfer ink onto your valuables.
  • Secure each box with a decent amount of tape.
  • Add shipping insurance for extra security.

Boxing Tips

  • Be sure to use boxes that weigh only 30 pounds max, as anything heavier is more likely to burst.
  • Pack each box to capacity to prevent shifting.
  • Put labels on each box, especially when a particular box has items for each room.
  • Don't skimp on price when choosing packing boxes. Professional services sell boxing materials of various types. You can even use candy boxes for delicate items.

Packing Up the Household

  • When packing dishes, make sure each one is upright, wrapped securely, and that none are stacked on top of one another.
  • Roll your clothing to save on box space. For delicate or expensive items, you should use professional wardrobe boxes.
  • Pack any electronic devices in their original boxes whenever possible. Otherwise, use several layers of bubble wrap and a sturdy box.
  • Books should go in smaller boxes so they aren't overloaded.
  • Make sure heavy and delicate items are always packed separately from one another.
  • When in doubt, always purchase professional-grade packing supplies or use a moving service

Packing Furniture

  • Clean your furniture to ensure debris will not damage it during the move.
  • Clear out any items such as desks or cabinets that may have drawers full of belongings.
  • Take apart any furniture you can disassemble.
  • Wrap glass items in plastic bubble wrap or professional paper.
  • Put plastic over softer items like sofas to protect them from moisture or potential tearing.
  • Remove or lock drawers so they won't slide out during shipment.

Large Freight Items

  • Use quality pallets to move several boxes' worth of items from one location to a truck bed. Distribute the boxes evenly across pallets and wrap them in plastic for security.
  • You should only use high-quality crates of premium lumber to ensure maximum durability during the move.
  • If you are transporting a vehicle engine, drain any fluids from it before strapping it to a pallet.

Moving Fragile Items and Antiques

  • You should consider using a professional moving company to handle delicate or older items. Their workers will take extra care with fragile belongings.
  • If you pack these items yourself, use extra thick boxes with at least two walls for added protection.
  • Put masking tape across items such as artwork or mirrors to keep them secure in their frames and wrap them in packing paper.
  • Antique items may have not only sentimental but high monetary value. Therefore, it is important that you purchase insurance at least for these items. This extra insurance may prevent irreplaceable losses.