CF116A&F5E for X-plane 11

The model is already fully prepared.Bringing the flight model and some improvements, additions will still be, but they will be little noticeable to the eye and inexperienced users.

Модель уже полностью готова. Доведение полёта модели и некоторые улучшения, дополнения ещё будут, но они будут мало заметные глазу и неопытному пользователю.

Actual links are available only here and nowhere else!

Актуальные ссылки доступны только здесь и нигде более!

The archive contains the source files for AC3D .ac, the source textures for Photoshop .psd, documents and everything that is necessary for independent improvements of this model. If you do not need all this, delete these folders (working material, docs) because they are the largest and take up a lot of space!

Архив содержит в себе исходные файлы для AC3D .ac, исходные текстуры для фотошоп .psd, документы и всё что необходимо для самостоятельных доработок данной модели. Если всё это вам не нужно, удалите эти папки (working material,docs) потому-как они самые большие и занимают много места!

Only x-plane 11.50b13+

Updated/Обновлено: 7/7/2020 12:00L.T.

Paint Kit v7/7/20 + Template Project v7/7/20 (.PSD in compatibility mode with other versions of photoshop) universal, suitable for all four versions of models and eight liveries + project for FMOD (sound editing)

Paint Kit v7/7/20 +Template Project v7/7/20 (.PSD в режиме совместимости с другими версиями photoshop) универсальный, подходит для всех четырёх версий моделей и восьми ливрей+проект для FMOD(редактирование звуков)

Updated/Обновлено: 7/7/2020 12:00L.T.

Download from alternative sources, without source files.

Last ten updates:

x-plane 11.50b13+ 7/7/2020 12:00L.T.


1.Speed brake no longer works without hydraulics

2.Added sounds

3.Cockpit objects combined to optimize

4.Cabin pressure can now be restored after reset

5.Nozzle - fixed

6.Fixed flickering of some textures in the cockpit

7.Some excess polygons removed

8.Sound shooting lantern is back

9.The hour hand is now shorter than the minute

10.Area rule and transonic flight fixed

11.Sound debugging


1.The fuselage drag coefficient is adjusted based on the characteristics of the prototype for maximum speed

2.Adf1 switch is animated and voiced

3.The pressure panel is improved, it has become more convenient

4.The volume of com can be reduced by mouse wheel. Sound added

5.Fully voiced radio panels and others. Many sounds fixed

6.CDU has become more convenient, clearer and added sounds


1.Foot to meter ratio fixed

2.The click of the switch zone in the metric is fixed

3.CDU sounds added

4.Cabin sounds are more muffled


1.CDU is fully voiced

2.The object panel texture now has a high resolution anyway. (This is due to the fact that the volcano greatly distorts the texture at low graphics settings)

3.Mirrors are now folded by default, their animation is smooth, sound is added to them


1.Instrument horizon flickering texture fixed

2.Old transponder dataref replaced by a new

3.The globe keychain can now be removed with the button

4.Added reverb to internal sounds