„Look Up - Cloud Hunters 2022"


 🚀The Look Up-Cloud Hunters 2023 Competition is launched on the STEM Discovery Campaign 2023:

"Look Up-Cloud Hunters 2022" was at 

 Dubrovnik-Lapad Library 📖📜

Kindergarten Dubrovnik - "Palčica" proudly participated in the prestigious "Look Up Cloud Hunters 2022" competition, where our students engaged in cloud observation and artistic photography through the innovative NASA GLOBE Observer App.

 March 11th, in collaboration with Dubrovnik Libraries, the captivating exhibition "Look

Up Cloud Hunters 2022" graced the halls of the Dubrovnik - Lapad Library

branch. As part of this event, we curated an enlightening scientific and

creative workshop for children titled "Life of a Cloud".

Our workshop commenced with an immersive reading of "Oblačasta priča" by Zoran Vakula, serving as an inspiring introduction to the world of clouds. Stimulated by the narrative, our young learners enthusiastically shared their cloud-related knowledge. Following this, we delved into a series of engaging STEM experiments, fostering hands-on learning experiences.

The workshop culminated in a burst of creativity as children crafted vibrant and whimsical clouds using an array of materials. It was truly a delight for us to contribute to the "Look Up-Cloud Hunters" learning community, nurturing curiosity and

fostering a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the sky and the art of nature.

Read more: https://narodna.dkd.hr/programi/izlozbe/suradnja-djecjih-vrtica-i-knjiznica-odrzana-istrazivacko-kreativna-radionica-zivot-jednog-oblaka 

Article by Ana Pasqualicchio; Kindergarten Dubrovnik -"Palčica"

Photos credit: Ana Pasqualicchio

👀"Look Up-Cloud Hunters 2022" Exhibition at 

the 2023 GLOBE Annual Meeting (Denver-Colorado, USA)

The GLOBE Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado from July 17-20, 2023. There were over 40 countries that were able to gather together and share experiences, knowledge, and culture. Julie Houck from Defiance Elementary School was able to share a poster about the GLOBE Program Elementary K-4 International Project and The "Look Up-Cloud Hunters 2022" Exhibition was also displayed. The meeting lasted four days and was filled with many great presentations and the students shared their experiences from GLOBE. Julie was also able to present in a Lightning Talk titled From the Classroom to Beyond: A GLOBE Teacher’s Perspective. It was about her journey as a GLOBE teacher and how it has led to so many opportunities. From travelling aboard a schooner to writing grants. GLOBE Mission Earth has helped me write grants with NOAA and the Ohio EPA. She also joined the STEM Learning Network and developed partnerships with local watershed groups. From doing science symposiums with her students and launching weather balloons, the sky has become the limit for her!

Article by Julie Houck, Defiance Elementary School, Ohio, USA


Credit: Julie Houck; GLOBE.gov ® ; GLOBE Mission EARTH   

 “Look Up -Cloud Hunters 2022” Exhibition on STEM Night at 

the Defiance Elementary School, Ohio, USA!

Defiance Elementary School participated in the “Look Up -Cloud Hunters 2022” Competition by observing clouds and atmosphere conditions, and taking photos of interesting clouds as an art activity with the STE(A)M approach. The exhibit was displayed at a STEAM Night at the school partnered with Defiance College and also for a week in the library during the book fair. Parents and families also had the opportunity to view the exhibit and learn about the “Globe Observer” app. 

STEAM Night (August 27, 2023) was an exciting night for hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math for 3rd graders at Defiance Elementary! Julie Houck, third-grade teacher, and Defiance College professors, Amanda Gilbert and Sabrina Brown organized this event. College students help to facilitate each station. The students were all given a Cosi Connect learning box to take home about space. This year all third graders were invited and next year the goal is to do an event for 3rd-5th graders!

The next exhibition goes to the GLOBE Annual Meeting in Colorado!

Article by Julie Houck, Defiance Elementary School, Ohio, USA

(💖Thanks to Alexia Alexsandrou from Cyprus for sending the exhibition to Ohio, USA, and Julie Houck from Ohio for organizing the exhibition!)

Credit: Julie Houck/Defiance Elementary School 

"Look Up-Cloud Hunters 2022" exhibition at the Anayia Primary School in Cyprus!

Student "Cloud Hunter Specialist"  and the principal of Anayia Primary School

 Mrs Elena Mesaritou  (Credit: Mrs Elena Mesaritou )

Anayia Primary School  

Thanks to 

Anayia Primary School has participated in the “Look Up -Cloud Hunters” Competition by observing clouds and atmosphere conditions, and taking photos of interesting clouds by mobile phone camera or tablet as an art activity with STE(A)M approach.

In February 2023 the posters of all winners/participants with the name of the school/kindergarten, location (city and state), and the date when the photo was taken were presented to all students of Anayia Primary School. In a school assembly the participant student and the headmaster of the school, Mrs Elena Mesaritou, presented the posters and the purpose of the competition to the teachers and students. The posters were displayed for two weeks in the main corridor of the school. Parents had also the opportunity to view the posters and learn about the “Globe Observer” app. 

The next exhibition goes to Ohio!

Article by Alexia Alexsandrou

(💖Thanks to Fr Anastasios Isaak, National Coordinator

GLOBE, CYPRUS for delivering the exhibition to Cyprus, and Alexia Alexsandrou for organizing the exhibition along with Mrs Elena Mesaritou, the principal of the school!)

"Look Up-Cloud Hunters" exhibition at the

 "2022 GLOBE Regional Meeting for Europe and Eurasia" 

in Omiš, Croatia 

From October 17 to 21, 2022, a Regional GLOBE Meeting of the GLOBE Program took place in Omiš. The organizers of this event were the GLOBE Regional Coordination Office for Europe and Eurasia, the GLOBE program Croatia with partners, the Governing Council of the GLOBE program for the Europe and Eurasia region, and the USA GLOBE Implementation Office. The host of the regional GLOBE meeting was the Elementary School of Josip Pupačić in Omiš, with the US Embassy in Croatia, AZOO and Tehnička škola Daruvar as partners. The meeting was attended by more than 80 representatives from 26 countries of the region and representatives of the USA GLOBE office.

During the five-day meeting, various workshops, presentations, lectures, and meetings were held, as well as pleasant gatherings of GLOBE experts. "GLOBE Program Elementary" with the "Look Up-Cloud Hunters" was also one of the presentations of international GLOBE activity, and the Elementary GLOBE teacher's hard work and children's artwork were displayed.

Part of the Regional GLOBE Meeting was the "6th Science Week" in "Josip Popačić" Primary School.

The interactive GLOBE Observer poster made by "Medo Brundo" Kindergarten from Zagreb was used by school children.

"6th Science Week" was full of interesting science experiments prepared by teachers and students of the "Josip Popačić" Primary School. See more on: https://wakelet.com/wake/rzKzyVSx1VqqsdTC9MZIu 

"Look Up-Cloud Hunters" is a collaboration between the

 GLOBE Program Elementary K–4 and the Science Picnic/Znanstveni piknik


Children between the ages of 5 and 11 competed in an international competition for kindergartens and schools in honor of Scientix's "2022 STEM Discovery Campaign - STEM for All".

The five-day competition involved cloud observation using the GLOBE Observer app and cloud photography using the international GLOBE Program's methodology. 

The competition featured 12 kindergartens and schools from around the world, including Ohio, Croatia, Cyprus, and Oman. "Cloud Hunter Specialists" was the title awarded to the winners. 

The coordination of three organizations—Professor Baltazar, Scientists Amateurs-ZNAM, and Strengthen-improve-integrate for Development-OUI, led to the creation of the competition "Look Up-Cloud Hunters 2022." 

Look Up Science Picnic!

     🏆 Winners of the "2022 Look Up -Clouds Hunters" competition!

 "Look Up Science Picnic!"  is an exhibition of the winners of the 

"Look Up Cloud Hunters 2022" Competition at the manifestation of the

"Science Picnic/Znanstveni piknik". The Science Picnic is a project to popularize science and art, an international event outdoors or indoors, the main goal of which is to promote science in the broadest sense, but also to interest young people and those who feel that way to choose science as their life's work.

The format of a "picnic" was chosen because the event is intended to be a laid-back gathering with science. The event's motto is "SCIENCE IS FUN!" The Science Picnic's schedule is made up of a number of lectures, presentations, workshops, scientific show programs, theatrical educational productions, and other interactive-artistic formats.  

Read more: http://znanstvenipiknik.weebly.com/o-pikniku.html

On September 23 and 24, 2022, the "Museum of Peasant Revolts" Castle Oršići in Gornja Stubica, Croatia, hosted the Science Picnic. The event featured a variety of exhibitors and multidisciplinary STEM performances, and thousands of people came to see it. Visitors to the Science Picnic were able to learn about the application "GLOBE Observer" and play with the interactive poster "GLOBE Observer" presented by the kids of the Kindergarten "Medo Brundo" from Zagreb in addition to seeing the photos from the "Look Up Cloud Hunters" contest winners.

Science Picnic atmosphere:

👉 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=ZnanstveniPiknik&set=a.5436270679820673 


Science Picnic E-NNI workshops on extreme climate change by the most famous Croatian popularizer of science

 Krešimir Čanić:

🌍☔🌊🌞👉https://fb.watch/fTGh9tiUjh/ ;👉 https://www.facebook.com/E-NNI-Edukacija-nas-ne-smije-iznenaditi-103238969196930/photos/pcb.111862478334579/111862141667946/

👉Check out beautiful photos recorded by 5-11 years old children on the Wakelet collection „2022 STEM Discovery Campaign-STEM for All; Look Up – Cloud Hunters Competition“-Cloud Hunters Specialists on: https://wke.lt/w/s/UgZ9de 

Winners of the  "Look Up-Cloud Hunters"

Cloud Hunters Specialists:

-Anayia Primary School, Anayia village, Nicosia, Cyprus

-Defiance Elementary School, Defiance, Ohio, USA

-Hafsah bint Sirin basic school, Oman, ALburaimi

- "Mahično" Primary School ,Karlovac, Hrvatska

- "Banija" Primary School, Karlovac, Hrvatska

- "Dubrovnik-Palčica" Kindergarten, Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

- "Biokovsko zvonce-Pčelica" Kindergarten, Makarska, Hrvatska

-"Zapruđe" Kindergarten, Zagreb, Hrvatska

- "Medo Brundo" Kindergarten, Zagreb, Hrvatska

-Potočnica, Zagreb, Hrvatska

-"Remetinec" Kindergarten, Zagreb, Hrvatska

-"Maksimir" Kindergarten, Zagreb, Hrvatska



Scroll down the Wakelet collection to see the winners!   

👉#SDC22 Blog text by Ana Pasqualicchio (DV Dubrovnik – Palčica):     


👉#SDC22  Blog text by Nataša Maček (DV Medo Brundo): 


👀   See you at the Znanstveni piknik/Science picnic 2022 exhibition!

Location:  Museum of Peasant Revolts (“Muzej seljačkih buna”) in Gornja Stubica (Croatia), September 23-24, 2022.


                            "Look Up-Cloud Hunters" partner organizations:

                Udruga Profesor Baltazar

                      Udruga OUI 

(Osnaži-Usavrši-Integriraj za razvoj)

"Look Up-Cloud Hunters" on #SDC22:  


STEM Discovery Campaign  outreach through the years. 

Competition announcement:

🎯For the “2022 STEM Discovery Campaign”, projects “GLOBE Program Elementary K-4" and “Science Picnic/Znanstveni piknik 2022” are announcing their first competition - the “Look Up – Cloud Hunters”  for schools and kindergartens! 

⛅The competition will allow children (age 5-11) and teachers to explore the possibilities of the mobile application „GLOBE Observer“  by observing clouds and atmosphere conditions, and taking photos of interesting clouds by mobile phone camera or tablet as an art activity with STE(A)M approach and become the "Cloud Hunters".

🌍 Activity is based on the methodology of the international GLOBE Program and using the „GLOBE Observer Clouds“ application.

🔑Application: Sending an e-mail to lookup.cloudhunters@gmail.com

by CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION in the „Terms and Conditions” document.

👽 Who can participate: Elementary/primary schools/kindergartens students aged 5-11 from the

following countries: https://www.globe.gov/globe-community/community-map

Observation activity period: 25 April to 29 April 2022 

⏳  Submission of participant application: To participate in the competition, please send the required data by 29 April 2022 

🧪 Type of activity: Online and follow up (exhibition on the Science Picnic 2022 / Znanstveni piknik 2022 in September 2022)

📸 Technology required: Mobile phone or tablet (with the “Globe Observer” app installed)

👨‍🎓 Education domain area: STE(A)M, sustainable development, nature, citizen science

🏆 Awards: See the “Terms and conditions”  by PARTICIPATION AWARDS

📩 Please use the contact for any query related to the competition and awards: lookup.cloudhunters@gmail.com & vesnatu@hotmail.com


👁‍🗨GLOBE Program Elementary K-4 Znanstveni piknik The GLOBE Program

Terms and Conditions Look Up-Cloud Hunters Competition document.pdf