Project SURVIVE Resources

Resources for students and survivors in the City College of San Francisco community. Program's permanent website HERE.


Project SURVIVE Course Offerings at CCSF

WGST 54: Politics of Sexual Violence

Offered Tuesdays 1:10-4pm at Ocean campus In Spring 2024

WGST 55: Ending Sexual Violence (Peer Education)

Offered Thursdays 4:10-7pm at Ocean campus In Spring 2024

WGST 35: Intro to Masculinity Studies

Offered online In Spring 2024

Project SURVIVE Community @ CCSF

Courses are free for SF residents and $46/unit for California residents, with additional financial aid possibilities. High school students are eligible to dual-enroll!

New students can apply HERE. High school students can click HERE to learn more about taking classes at City College.

Non-Credit Self Defense Class

Free and offered @ Ocean with Janet Gee!

Learn More:

Project SURVIVE's Healthy Relationship Resources 


Project SURVIVE (english)

Spanish PS Compiles.pdf

Project SURVIVE (español)

Chinese PS Compiled.pdf


(用中文 Yòng zhōngwén)

ERSF English handouts compiled.pdf

Expect Respect (english)

For high-school-aged students

ERSF Spanish Handouts Compiled.pdf

Expect Respect (español)

ERSF Chinese Compiled Handouts.pdf

Expect Respect

(用中文 Yòng zhōngwén)

Project SURVIVE Presentation

Healthy Relationships, Myths & Facts About Sexual Violence, and The Cycle of Abuse

Expect Respect Presentation (Day 1)

Healthy Relationships, Understanding Unequal Power Relationships, Healthy Coping Mechanisms, Gender Roles (for high school students)

Expect Respect Presentation (Day 2)

Myths & Facts About Sexual Violence, Affirmative Consent, Cycle of Violence (for high school students)

Healthy Communication About COVID Risk

Fall 2020 workshop on negotiating about COVID risk with loved ones, roommates, and potential partners. Designed before vaccines became available.

Expect Respect SF Resources for SFUSD Educators

Resources for SFUSD Teachers

A list of local partners offering healthy relationship promotion and abuse prevention education in SFUSD schools.

Contacting Project SURVIVE: Resource & Referral Support

To schedule a meeting or inquire about further resource and referral support for survivors at CCSF, contact: Adele Failes-Carpenter, Project SURVIVE Coordinator |

Other ways to stay in touch:

Connect with us! | Instagram @projectsurvive |

Project SURVIVE:

Women’s and Gender Studies Department:

Project SURVIVE Safety Planning Document.pdf

Safety Planning Document

For staying safer when planning to leave a violent relationship. 

CCSF Student Health Services (including counseling)

For current Student Health Services hours, virtual counter, and nurse call-back info, visit: 

CCSF Student Health Services

Ocean Campus, HC-100
50 Frida Kahlo Way
San Francisco, CA 94112

Phone: 415-239-3110
Fax: 415-239-3193

Crisis/Emergency Numbers

San Francisco Suicide Prevention Hot Line

National Suicide Prevention Hot Line
988 or chat at

Crisis Text Line
Text HOME to 741741

Community-Based Resources for Survivors

PS resource list 3.23.20.pdf

Comprehensive Resource List

Comprehensive list of resources for survivors of domestic and sexual violence

Staying Engaged: Online Community & Campus Events

FILMS (Approved Films for Class Makeup WOMN 54 & 55)

Films To Watch

Films looking at issues of sexual and domestic violence

Contact Us

Adele Failes-Carpenter, Project SURVIVE Coordinator,

Connect with us! | Instagram @projectsurvive |

Project SURVIVE:

Women’s and Gender Studies Department: