This UK's EPSRC funded project is working on the design and application of novel image plane sensor-processor systems, the associated high level vision algorithms, and their integration within a control-aware architecture for autonomous robotic systems, in particular Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs).

The SCAMP Vision System can perform general purpose computer vision algorithms at several thousands of frames per second. Examples of some of these algorithms can been seen on the Demonstrators and Videos page.

Micro Aerial Vehicle platforms are being developed to take advantage of the high rate sensing and processing made available by SCAMP. With the high bandwidth, high level information from SCAMP the MAV can perceive relevant features in its environment to perform agile manoeuvres for tasks such as tracking, navigating and obstacle avoidance.

Hardware for evaluation

The AGILE project aims to provide samples of the system for evaluation to the community. Watch this space for more details.