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Originally this library used the data in the spreadsheet below and displayed nicely using a program called Awesome Tables which was free. Awesome Tables changed their fee structure and I was no longer able to use it for free. Also due to moving on to focus on other projects I have not chosen to accept more submissions, but I am sharing the information below. It may not be the prettiest organization but all the information that as previously submitted is there. I hope it is helpful. Enjoy what is there or check out the other materials on this website.

CI Non-fiction Library

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Errors: The CI Non-fiction library is designed as a safe place for teachers to share their non-fiction texts written for their classroom with the hopes that other teachers will also share. Just like the language learners that each teacher serves, each teacher is at a different level of proficiency and not all are experts in the language they choose to submit. As such and in order to encourage as many teachers as possible to provide texts to this wonderful resource and keep it a free service supported by countless teacher voluntarily sharing their works, some texts accepted may include minor errors. Texts that have many errors or major errors should be reported using the "Report an Error" form below but texts with minor errors will be accepted in order to allow more dedicated teachers the opportunity to share and to make available a larger and more diverse offering in the library. Within the terms of the work's license and the terms of copyright, feel free to make corrections to texts that you will share with your students. Please remember that it is much easier to edit a text, then to create a brand new text from scratch.

Copyright information and take-down requests: All individuals submitting to the CI non-fiction library affirm that they have the right to submit their submission and that it is licensed for use under a creative commons license. If a work that you are the legal copyright owner is included in the library please email and it will be removed as soon as possible from the library. Please note that the submissions are not stored in the library and are uploaded and stored in an online publicly accessible storage system by the submitter. To have the uploaded document removed, please contact the uploader of the document or the owner of the storage system.

Newsletters/newspapers with CI non-fiction texts (free and paid)

How do I write a CI (non-fiction) text? - Blog posts and article to help.

Optional templates for CI non-fiction texts

Any type of CI non-fiction text is accepted, but feel free to click the below Google Docs and use one of these one-page wonder templates to get started:

Creative Common Sources to adapt for CI non-fiction texts.

Most languages:


  • Ground Report - World news written by many contributors. Check the end of each article for the exact creative commons license.


  • EBC - The Brazilian Communications Company. Can be reused by attribution only.


What is creative commons? Information to answer that question.