Equipment Philosophy

Microphones and speakers - the most critical component to sound is in the converting of acoustical impulses to electrical impulses and vice versa - meaning the microphone and the speaker make the biggest impact to the sound you hear. Therefore, compromising on a microphone is a detriment to the end product. Take a bad microphone and run it through a great mixer, and it is still not going to sound very good. I continue to evaluate microphones and speakers as they come on the market to ensure I have a good selection of microphones appropriate for a variety of situations.

Rugged dependability that works every time on location - the problem with lots of the low-end equipment being used by entry-level sound mixers is that low-end equipment was created with budget as the priority - using inferior components to keep the prices low. Sound quality and reliability are compromised for initial cost. They are intended to be used as disposable items - augmenting the professional engineer's tool kit (not comprising the bulk of the kit). My mixer was hand built in California by Andy Cooper for the sole intent of capturing quality location sound that you can depend on working every time, and my Nagra VI recorder is Swiss precision at it's best. Add to that a case full of German made Schoeps microphones and you have a recording chain that can't be beat at any price point.

Artificial Noise Reduction - I will always do my best to get the cleanest sound possible without sacrificing the natural qualities of the human voice. Using digital noise reduction tools in the field can be destructive to the final product. Decisions are being made over headphones in an inferior (often noisy) environment, and once these tools are used in the raw recording, they can not be undone. I believe the implementation of noise reduction is better left to post production - in a controlled environment, over large speakers - instead of in the field on the fly - permanent and irreversible.

My available equipment is listed below:

Cooper Sound CS208 V2 mixer

Cooper Sound CS104 ENG/EFP mixer

Nagra VI eight track hard disk recorder w/ CF Card and DVD-RAM back-up

Denecke TS-3 timecode slate

Denecke TS Compact slate

Ambient Tri-level sync boxes (2)

Schoeps CMIT-5 shotgun mic (2)

Schoeps CMC6 (3)

Schoeps MK41 (3)

Schoeps BLM-03

Schoeps Cut 1 (3)

Schoeps GVC (3)

DPA 4061 (6)

Sanken COS-11 (6)

Sonotrim (4)

Cinela Piano Windshield (2)

Lectrosonics wireless mics (10)

Lectrosonics T1 high power transmitters (2)

Lectrosonics R1a IFB / headsets (12)

K-tek boom poles (8’,13’, 16’)

PSC Power Max

PSC Sound Cart

Filmtools utility cart

PSC bell and light system