The Best Aerial Photos in South-East Michigan

The Closing Begins With The First Photo

Most photographers can't or won't take the time to get great aerial photos. I accept only about 50 engagements per year so you receive outstanding photos that instantly capture the viewer's attention.

My aerial photos
complement your current photographer; whom you should continue to use for interior and ground-based photos. Let ProAirVideos provide superior aerial photos and video clips. It's a win-win for all. Your clients deserve the best.

Photographed at the ideal times of day to highlight the home from the ideal perspectives.

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Aerial Photos $175

  • Same day delivery via Dropbox

  • 6-16 photos from different viewpoints

  • Can be printed up to 20"x30" (great closing gift)

  • Unedited video clips available without charge for inclusion into your whole home video

  • Seasonal re-shoot $125

Superior Quality

  • 6 x Detroit Free Press ”House Envy”

  • More than 300 homes & lots photographed

Completed video (branded and unbranded versions): $100 additional to charges above. Delivery within 24 hours via Dropbox. See examples at the bottom of this page.

My guidelines for real estate photos:

  1. The first photo is the second most important factor in your listing

  2. Most people don’t watch a video beyond the first 30 seconds

  3. Matterport tours are easy to navigate if you’re under 21

  4. Artificial twilight photos make great Christmas cards but don’t represent the property

  5. Remember rule #1; you never get a second chance to make a great first impression

A few places I've photographed with my drones.