Hello, I'm Priscilla Dahl.

I'm a potter and sculptor working with red earthenware clay. I've been an artist my whole life; as a child I drew pictures and in high school I took black and white photography classes.  My first clay classes were at the University of Montana, followed by two years of art school at UNT Denton, Texas. I graduated from the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University with a B.F.A. in Ceramics and Sculpture. I spent many years building kilns and experimenting at different temperatures and in various atmospheres. 

The redware pottery I make now is fired to cone 01 in an old-school, manual L&L J230 kiln. I developed a technique to apply layers of color using paper stencils which allows me to achieve a clean edge between colors and create narratives based on my creative process. While sculpting animals, I try to use soft clay because it lets me leave maker's marks of texture on the creatures. 

There are many parts to my love for clay and the history of ceramics. I've seen the healing quality working with clay provides people and I share my knowledge and love for the material whenever I can.