On Design

As a Designer, I've always wanted to change the world. Be it in a big way for many, or a small way for a few, I find it to be my drive to change the lives of those around me for the better. There is an inherent beauty in the world that I want to share, find moments to celebrate, to inherit the raw and expose the refined. There is a melody in this world that is playing on a thousand different strings, waiting to be heard.

To me, design is a tool to share and connect the human experience through interaction. Be it a visual experience, a tactile experience or tranquility through sound, design has a way of binding those raw elements of a singular human experience and selflessly share itself to a community. Good design blends seamlessly into the fabric of an experience, at once both individual in its elements, but also part of a larger symphony. I think, inherently, human beings all resonate with good design, in that it feels natural, that it is purposeful and responsive to its environment.

To me, no two design solutions can, or ever should be, the same. Each design opportunity should respond to its locale, its native environment. Design is responsive and living. Each new set of design criteria offers a chance to evolve, to test solutions, and grow. Design is, in my humble opinion, never complete. It simply iterates on itself, explores new horizons, learns lessons from the past and finds itself becoming new.

Its bad design that we notice right away. Its a loud crash in a serene moment. It takes away from the greater composition and screams for attention. Bad design tarnishes human experiences. It should be avoided at all cost.

I strive for good design.