HP Printer Won’t Print Black

What to Do When HP Printer Won’t Print Black Color?

Even though HP printers are known for best-in-class functionality and quality operation, the machine is encountered with various technical glitches. One such glitch is HP printer not printing black. So if you ever encounter such an issue, the following guidelines will tell you what to do and what not to do.

Here, in this article, we have explained the key reasons, along with the technical measures to troubleshoot the problem.

Key Reasons to Encounter HP Printer Not Printing Black

· The printer head having an issue

· The issue regarding paper printing

· Printer driver not updated.

· Improper source data

· Issues in the ink cartridge

Now, to learn about the technical measures for this issue, follow the guide to up to the mark.

Technical Measures to Fix HP Printer Not Printing Black

· Turn off your HP printer and disconnect the cable between the computer and printer. Also, plug out all of the USB cables that are connected.

· Check the availability of paper in the printer.

· After a while, reconnect all the interface as well as USB cables and hold down the power button to turn on your printer.

· Turn on the printer, and go to the printer settings and click on the print a test page option for test running of your printer.

· A dialog box will appear, set the paper size on the dialog box and other suitable settings and click on the print test page button.

· If the problem of HP printer black ink not printing persists, you should make sure to check whether the printer drivers are up-to-date.

That’s it! There is a need of someone who can guide you with the manual guidance. Keep following the guide to know what to do.

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