The process to activate amazon prime video on your device in Canada/US.

It is essential to activate amazon prime video Canada/US on your device to get its access. Amazon prime video is one of the most popular video streaming channels that is available at the cheapest rate as compared to others. To watch the amazon prime video in Canada, you need prime membership and then an activation code of your device to start streaming. It is very sad that most of the time, people don't know about the activation process, and they don't even know that prime video needs to be activated on your device to watch it. This is the reason why this stick to small devices to stream their favorite shows and movies. But thankfully, we are here to explain the activation process to all the users who want to watch prime videos on the big screens.

Steps to activate amazon prime video in Canada

Proceed with the steps mentioned below to activate amazon prime video on all eligible devices.

Step 1: First of all, check if your device is eligible to access amazon prime video or not. For this, go to the amazon prime video website Canada and check if your device is listed in the eligible device list.

Step 2: Now, turn on your device and connect it with an internet connection. Make sure the internet connection is stable because you need it throughout the whole activation process.

Step 3: After that, you need to go to the application store of the device and use the search path to look for the amazon prime video application.

Step 4: Click on the download button or install button available on the screen to get amazon prime video on your device.

Step 6: Further, you need to launch the amazon prime video application and click on the sign-in button. If you don't have an amazon prime video account, then click on I don't have an account and create a new account to proceed.

Step 7: After login, you will ll see an activation code is available on the screen that is very much important for the activation process. So keep it safe till the end.

Step 8: Next, on a computer or mobile, open a web browser.

Step 9: On the web browser, go to Canada/US and login to your amazon prime video account if asked.

Step 10: After login new screen will appear where you need to enter the activation code that you have saved in the previous step.

Step 11: After entering the activation code, click on the register my device button available on the screen. As a result, a successful activate message will appear on the screen.

Step 12: Now go back to your device and refresh the current screen. You will see the amazon prime video content will be unlocked for you to start streaming.

Tips to consider while activating amazon prime video

  • Always keep your internet on and connect it to your device.

  • Type the activation code in the same order as it is displayed on the device.

  • If you face any problem during activation, contact amazon prime video customer care.