Prima Creators Kits

There are three creator kits available to serve the needs of the amazing creators in SecondLife. All of these kits have the same basic restrictions:

This kit is provided "as is" as a tool to help in the creation of content for the Prima mesh bodies. You are allowed to use the kit to make content  for the bodies in Second Life only. You are not allowed to give the kit to someone else, nor use the kit to "reverse engineer" the Prima mesh bodies.

You may not use the kit to create your own mesh body.

The primary creators kit available to everyone can be acquired using your Body HUD - move to the settings section and click the "Get Creators Kit" button!

The Skin Creators Kit is for those that prefer to use a 3D painting program to do skins/clothes/materials. This kit must be applied for - see below!

The Mesh Creators Kit is for mesh creators and supports Blender and Maya etc. This kit must be applied for - see below!

Creators Kit

This kit includes the following:

Specific logos if you are only supporting one of the bodies (e.g. Busty/Petite)

Generic logo to use when you support both bodies

Skin Creators Kit

You have to apply for this kit (see below). This kit includes OBJ files suitable for many if not all 3D painting programs including Substance Painter, Mudbox and Photoshop. Download links and passwords are provided after the kit is delivered to you.

Mesh Creators Kit

You have to apply for this kit (see below). This kit includes download links for blender (2.79/2.93+), maya, and marvelous designer. If you are wanting to create a body addon (e.g. alternate designs for portions of the body) you will need to apply for the mesh creators kit and indicate you wish to create an addon and then contact the Prima Creative Team on our discord.

Application link for Skin/Mesh Creators Kit

Want to apply for the Skin Creators Kit or the Mesh Creators Kit. Use this link and fill out the form. Thank you!