Workshop on pseudo-reductive groups and related topics

Newcastle University

4th-8th September 2017

Funded by the Heilbronn Institute

Participants (provisional)

  • Raphaël Achet (Grenoble)
  • Seidon Alsaody (Lyon)
  • Michael Bate (York)
  • Stephen Donkin (York) (TBC)
  • Alastair Litterick (Bochum)
  • Benoit Loisel (École Polytechnique)
  • Alexandre Lourdeaux (Lyon)
  • Ben Martin (Aberdeen)
  • George McNinch (Tufts)
  • Karsten Naert (Gent)
  • Gopal Prasad (Michigan)
  • Alexander Premet (Manchester)
  • Gerhard Roehrle (Bochum)
  • Maarten Solleveld (Radboud)
  • Alexander Stasinski (Durham)
  • David Stewart (Newcastle)
  • Adam Thomas (Bristol)
  • Tomohiro Uchiyama (Taiwan)


We will be running a small research-focussed workshop on pseudo-reductive groups in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne between 4th-8th September.

Some food and drink details:

Breakfast is available at the hotel.

Lunch is provided in the workshop.

There is a wine reception with a small number of canapés at 17:30 on Monday in the Northern Counties Club.

There is a conference dinner at Artisan on Wednesday at 18:45 (includes a 30 min wander around the gallery).

Dinner suggestions can be found here.

There are many pubs. I recommend The Hotspur, The Bridge Tavern, any of the Head Of Steam places, Bar Loco, The Split Chimp, The Tyne Bar, The Cumberland Arms, The Free Trade Inn.

Practical information

Accommodation will be booked for the nights 3rd-7th and participants are likely to be staying in the Osborne Hotel or the Dene Hotel.

Newcastle Airport is a 30 minute metro ride away from the University (Haymarket Station) and the accommodation is a short walk from either Jesmond or West Jesmond metro stops.

Newcastle Central Station is on the same metro line as the airport and is two stops from the University.

The talks will all be held in the Herschel Building's Annex, 3rd Floor, Seminar Room B.


The following is a draft timetable.

ps-red conf timetable