Ave Maria Pharmacy Services

Save $$$ on your brand or generic medication. We have more than 45,000 pharmacy locations nationwide. We've been helping families save money since 1997. We use the National Drug Card Network.

If you download the phone app, please put in our code when activating- NDC3868. This is your member ID.

Please Note: Claims processed at Walgreens Pharmacies require that 001 be added to the end of your Member ID. So, tell Walgreens to process your Rx under NDC3868001. For all other pharmacies, your member Id is NDC3868.

Our free prescription card can be used by any person. It can help save you money if you have no insurance or a high deductible plan.

If you are part of a group including Catholic Charities, St. Vincent De Paul locations, clinics, or any other organization, please post our material.

Here is a past article about our service from the Catholic Sentinel. We have also attended Catholic Marketing Network events in the past.

Simply download the app. You can use it immediately. You can also print off a paper card if you prefer.

Or, look up medication prices at your local pharmacy. Simply present your card at the time of purchase. Questions? Email us.

We can also email you a simple 8.5 x 11 pdf to post on a wall, place on a counter etc., for people to see.

What is Charity?

“It is not charity to leave others in the dark with respect to the truth.

It is not charity to feed the poor or visit the sick and offer them human resources without speaking to them of the Word that saves.”

Pope John Paul ll (LOsservatore Romano, English, November 6, 2002)

Why the name Ave Maria? We decided on this name while visiting the marian grotto at Notre Dame University almost 20 years ago.

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