Family Therapy for Well-Being

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Helping Families in their Well-Being


A platform to get all kind of counselling services at one place for whole family to rediffine happiness and step up towards well-being.

  • Family Therapy for entire family

  • Parenting-Workshops and Counselling for parents

  • Career Counselling and Guidance Workshops for students

  • Marriage Enrichment and couples counselling for couples

  • Relationship Enhancement and counselling for everyone

  • Geriatric Counselling and guidance for elderly person and care takers

  • Customized services for various sector

  • Social services as per requirements

What is family therapy? Why family therapy?

Family either its nuclear, joint, extended or single parent. Every family has its own issues and concerns whatever may be the reasons. These issues then create big problems in the family and make a family dysfunctional.

A Family Therapist will help such families to find out concerns and problematic areas.

Either that problem is because of any one member in the family, or because of multiple members, it needs proper diagnosis and solution. A psychological intervention and counseling from an expert would help in this regard which would improve the quality of life and well-being in the family.

Family therapy is an ideal counselling method for helping family members adjust to an immediate family member struggling with an addiction ,medical issue or mental health diagnosis.

Family therapy is a structural a complete family program which helps in well-being. It is a form of psychotherapy that seeks to reduce distress and conflict by improving the system of interactions between family members.

Family therapists are relational therapist also. They work on what goes on between the individuals rather than within one or more individuals. They believe that both psychological and biological approaches need to be considered for well-being when working with a family. Other therapists attend to interactions between family members. They consider it a single unit.

We as Family Therapists design treatment plans as per the need to bring about change in functioning within the family rather than within a single individual. In both ways, it works depending on the situation.

What is Well-Being?

Well-Being is the positive state of human being which consists of pleasure and happiness and lies in the actualization of human potential.

In life many factors are affecting on well-being, like life stages, personality factors, individual differences, stress, healthy values and goal. Developing healthy strategies to obtain well-being is very important, for person and for entire family.

Commitments - We take care of your confidentiality.

Ensuring desired outcomes and maintaining confidentiality

Well-being of the family members leads to satisfaction and happiness.

Family therapy is an ideal counselling method for helping family members adjust to an immediate family member struggling with an addiction, medical issue or health diagnosis

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