We are the Florida branch of the Precious Plastic, a world-wide open source DIY plastic recycling project started by inventor Dave Hakkens with the aim of putting the power of recycling plastic in the hands of individuals and communities. 

We bring together people in Florida interested in solving the plastic pollution problem through community recycling and creating products with recycled plastics. We believe that the state of Florida and the trends established here can give the process of recycling the makeover it deserves. 

Our world is overflowing in plastic and we need to find good ways to end plastic pollution. We seek to help to grow the community of Precious Plastic workspaces across the country and help people get started doing their own DIY recycling.


Precious Plastic Florida brings a truly unique and interactive exhibition to your live event! Our machines follow the open-source designs created by Dutch inventor Dave Hakkens and made available FREE online for anyone to download and build. Precious Plastic aims to connect people who want to know more about recycling with those who are actually doing it!

By demonstrating our machines live, we show attendees how they could build their own or get involved with existing groups in their community! We aim to educate people about the different types of plastic they encounter every day and how they are being recycled.  Throughout our demonstration attendees are invited to bring their plastic cups and utensils as we process them through our machines to make a custom pendant for your event!

By co-branding your event with Precious Plastic Florida, you can contribute to a project that is actually doing something about our plastic waste issue ON THE SPOT! If you are going to have single-use plastic at your event then we can help you be more sustainable while leaving a lasting impression with the attendees about your commitment to the Earth.