We serve multiple practices and office disciplines from Family Practice to specialized offices and physicians. We welcome new, up and becoming clients and practices to use our services.

As a team, our office will partner with the clients' office staff to produce the best reimbursement outcomes. We want our clients to view our office as an extension of their office or clinic with reimbursement improvements. The stronger the partnership and cooperation between our office and clients' office staff, the higher reimbursements can be achieved.

We continue to serve several of our same clients since 2002. Our clients have been satisfied with our services that they have referred Physician Reimbursement Experts to their friends and colleagues through word of mouth and professional associations.

We have improved our services by partnering with certified EHR/EMR providers to assure a seamless transition to continued high reimbursements.


Our philosophy is to offer the best billing service to maximize reimbursement and reduce reproduction of work. We treat our clients' practice as our own. We succeed when our clients succeed. Our service stands out above other billing services as a result of the professional and personal attention we give to each of our clients' needs.

• With Physician Reimbursement Experts, our clients can expect:

• Maximum billing reimbursement

• Faster reimbursement times

• Electronic billing

• HIPAA compliance

• Personal attention

• Professional privacy

• Use of state of the art billing technology

• Easy submission of charged activities

• Competitive rates

• Monthly collection reports

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