Dr. Patrick X. Rault

Department Chair & Professor of Mathematics, Idaho State University

President, COMMIT Network 

Co-Director, Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics

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Dr. Patrick X. Rault joined the faculty at Idaho State University in 2022.  Before joining ISU, Dr. Rault spent eight years at the State University of New York at Geneseo, two years as Program Director of Mathematics for the distance college at the University of Arizona, and four years as the Haddix Community Chair at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he was the Assistant Director and co-founder of the STEM Teaching, Research, And Inquiry-based Learning (TRAIL) Center.  

Students are encouraged to take a look at the Student Research link at the top of the page, to see whether they might be interested in getting involved in a collaborative project.  

The second link at the top of the page includes a few resources from old projects, for faculty and students, posted for general use.

For an up-to-date CV, with updated publication and award lists, contact Dr. Rault directly.  The following CV was updated in January 2022:  curriculum vitae

Selected Leadership Roles

o   COMmunities for Mathematics Inquiry in Teaching (COMMIT) Network, Director, 2019-2022; President 2022-2023

 UNO STEM TRAIL Center Teaching Practices Workshop Series, organizer & center Assistant Director, 2019-22

 South (D)akota, Iowa, NEbraska (SINE) COMMIT co-leader, 2019-22

o   MAA Committee on the Teaching of Undergraduate Mathematics, chair, 2021-23

 MAA SIGMAA on Undergraduate Research, chair, 2018-20

 Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, co-director, 2017-22

 Council of Undergraduate Research, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, chair, 2017-2019