The IBL Greater Iowa - Nebraska Community (IBLINC)

What is IBL?

IBL stands for Inquiry-Based Learning, which in college mathematics has been accepted to mean an active learning university course which follows the following pillars:

  1. students engage deeply in rich mathematics
  2. students have opportunities to collaboratively process mathematical ideas (e.g., via small groups, student presentations, in-depth classroom discussions)
  3. instructors inquire into student thinking
  4. instructors facilitate equitable engagement.

National workshops have been offered for over a decade by the Academy of IBL, which have helped the international IBL community evolve toward the “big tent” view of IBL being inclusive of any courses which follow the above pillars. You can find more information about these workshops here:

Why use IBL?

Evidence-based active learning strategies, such as IBL in college mathematics, have received significant endorsements in recent years. IBL allows students to engage in rich mathematics and gives them opportunities to collaborate, while instructors inquire into student thinking and facilitate equitable engagement. IBL is associated with teaching mathematics for deeper understanding, and can have a significant and persistent positive impact on undergraduate women in mathematics as well as previously lower-achieving students.

For more information about the impacts of IBL and active learning, please see:

What is an IBL Community?

An IBL Community is a community of transformation of university faculty, who share a common practice of teaching mathematics and using Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) methods. These communities are usually regional entities which aim to provide evidence-based support mechanisms, through professional development, mentoring, and collaborations, to help members transform their teaching.

For more information about other IBL Communities, please see the national list here:

What are our goals?

IBLINC aims to engage college and university mathematics professors from across Nebraska, Iowa, Southeast South Dakota, and neighboring areas that do not yet have IBL Communities of their own. Our target population includes predominantly undergraduate institutions, two-year colleges, and doctoral granting institutions. We aim to hold professional development and peer discussion events at MAA and AMATYC conferences across these regions, with a goal to increase the number of and quality of courses using active learning pedagogies. This will in turn increase student learning outcomes in many measurable ways.

MAA Nebraska / Southeast South Dakota conference: April 5-6, 2019

Come join us for our soft opening of IBLINC, at which we'll have a talk about our new IBL Community (5-5:20pm in Warde Conference Center, Friday afternoon), some informal discussions about the successes and challenges in our courses following the talk and during the banquet, and then after the banquet a panel about IBL from 7:30 to 8:30pm. Panelists include Mitchel T. Keller (Morningside College, Iowa), Dora Matache (University of Nebraska Omaha), and Carol Schumacher (Kenyon College, Ohio). These sessions will each take place in the Warde Conference Center.

For conference details, see

Contact us for more details on the IBL events:

MAA Iowa conference: Dordt University, October 25-26, 2019

More details will be added closer to the conference date. We anticipate having at least one informal conversation opportunity over a meal as well as a special session of 20-minute talks by IBL practitioners.


Professional Development


Outreach: expanding IBL


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How to join us:

Visit our Google Groups page and click the link to Apply for Membership. This low-traffic email list will annouce IBL-related events and provide an opportunity for you to ask for (and offer) mentoership and professional development as it relates to IBL.

Who is IBLINC?

IBLINC is a community effort, and all faculty interested in active or student-centered learning in the greater Iowa-Nebraska region are invited to join us. The coordinating leadership team of IBLINC currently consists of: