Reflections on

Prabha Shankar Kundur

March 18, 1939 - October 9, 2018

Prabha Shankar Kundur

Prabha Shankar Kundur lived with conviction, kindness and a zest for life. He was a widely known figure in the electric power industry. He was most recently President of Kundur Power System Solutions Inc. where he performed extensive international consulting and delivered advanced level technical courses for utilities, manufacturers and universities around the world.

To his family, he was a source of great positivity, inspiration and generosity. He was a loving and devoted husband to Geetha for 55 years and great fun to his grandchildren, Linus and Tolly, who he took on family vacations and brought gifts for from around the world. He was especially proud of his daughter, Deepa, who in many ways followed in his footsteps.

He will be deeply missed by all who knew him, but his legacy will continue through the many students he has educated through his courses, papers and seminal book, through the colleagues he has mentored and supported over the decades and through his family who he has inspired to live with a strong sense of purpose and service.

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