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Recap: Special Education Parent Forum with Tim Charleston, School Safety Specialist on October 24th

The Special Education PTO would like to thank Tim Charleston, PPS's School Safety Specialist and Supervisor of Social Studies, Global and Enrichment Education, for meeting with parents on October 24, 2019, to discuss various safety and security measures considered by the district. Parents were able to share their perspectives, offer feedback and ask questions. Among the topics discussed were the possibility of creating backpacks or kits containing sensory items that will help children stay calm during a lock-down or evacuation, and the importance of ensuring the security personnel at each school "know every child", including children with special needs who may not be able to process directions quickly or may respond to an anxiety-producing situation in an unpredictable way. We look forward to continuing the discussion!

Join Our New Parent Wellness Group - Let's Take Care of Ourselves

We all know as parents engaged in a sometimes bumpy and demanding journey that the days are long but the years are short. As the new school year begins, let us pledge to take care of ourselves and explore together the many methods that can bring us greater balance, wellness and peace. All parents are welcome!

  • December 2 and December 16 - only if weather permits. "About Breathing" - Corine Caffort Andre-Hessig will offer 45 minute sessions in her backyard focused on the practice of breathing techniques every other week, only if weather conditions permit (no rain, no snow, temperatures above 50 F). No RSVP is required. If you arrive late, just join us silently and breathe with us. Location is 231 Riverside Drive, Princeton.
  • December 13, 2019, 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm - A second yoga session will be held by Claudina Bonetti, certified Yoga teacher. Limited number of participants; please RSVP to Corine with a text to 609-865-3509 or email to After your registration has been confirmed, you will receive location details. To cover the cost of the room, a courtesy donation up to $15 per participant depending on the number will be greatly appreciated.
  • January 2019, time and location TBD - Tchai and Meditation Let's warm up by meeting indoors, learning about different kinds of Indian Tea then Breathing together. This session will be co-led by Gitanjali Bakshi and Corine Caffort Andre-Hessig. Limited number of participants; please RSVP to Corine with a text to 609-865-3509 or email to

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