Rencontres franciliennes de cosmologie primordiale

Paris Primordial Cosmology Meetings

To take advantage of the vast and active community of early universe cosmologists around Paris, Paris Primordial Cosmology Meetings (PPCM) is a regular informal meeting (a few times a year) that aim at fostering scientific interactions between ourselves.

The goal is not to add another conference in the (already busy) Parisian schedule but to set up a friendly framework where we can get to better know each one’s work and have new topics and collaborations emerge. Each meeting takes place in a different institute, and has an informal format that leaves plenty of time for informal discussions. PhD students and postdoc in particular are strongly encouraged to participate, to present their work and meet the relevant people in the region.

We acknowledge financial support from the Programme National de Cosmologie et Galaxies (PNCG), the labex Physique des 2 Infinis et des Origines (P2IO), the Fédération de Recherche Interactions Fondamentales (FRIF), the Domaine d'Interet Majeur en Astrophysique et Conditions d'Apparition de la Vie program (DIM ACAV+) from the-Ile-de-France region.