MN Power Futures

How Will the Grid Change?

The electric grid is an important part of our current energy transition away from fossil fuels. There are many technologies and perspectives to consider in the way the electric grid evolves to support the energy transition. Supported by a background of the MN electric grid and experts and tours, students took on public communication projects that explored some of these issues.

The links below will take you to a series of "GIS Story Maps." Story Maps is a digital presentation platform that combines text, images, and other media with maps created using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping technology. This platform is used to tell powerful stories on a geographic scale and encourage viewer interaction.

These Story Maps display MN Power Futures, in which student groups explored issues of Minnesota's power future in terms of technologies and perspectives of a variety of stakeholders. We hope you enjoy exploring these projects!

Once you get to the Story Maps, you can scroll through each section to read the story, which, in many cases, is paired with interactive maps. Feel free to explore these maps by clicking on their points and other features to see more information.

Note: views and content in the story maps represent student work, and not necessarily the views nor editorial oversight of the University of Minnesota.

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FALL 2020

Microgrid Development: Now and in the Future

Energy Storage: The Role of Saving Energy in the Grid

Policy and Renewable Energy: incentives, investment, and infrastructure

Solar Panels in Minnesota

Distributed Generation: Attitudes and actions from utilities to consumers


FALL 2019



Reducing Bat Deaths from Wind Power

Grid Aesthetics

Pumped Hydroelectric Storage - The Future of Renewable Energy

Energy Storage Implementation in Minnesota

Nuclear Power: Road to Renewables

The Role of Nuclear Power in the Energy Transition

Puerto Rico Blackout (and lessons for MN)

Yours, Mine, Ours: Ecohomes