Welcome to the Journey
Fall 2022

"Power Systems Journey: Making the Invisible Visible and Actionable"

A Grand Challenge Class at the University of Minnesota


Explore this page to follow along with the Fall 2022 student travelers in our Class Travel Journal Story Map as they explore the electric grid, create GIS story maps of Minnesota Power Histories and Minnesota Power Futures, and present their work in a Power Pop-Up.

Class Travel Story Map (Link Coming Soon)

This Story Map follows the journey that the course takes to the Bell Museum, then to different sites of Minnesota's electric grid and then following the power lines, back to the Bell Museum. Click on the Map below to explore the journey and see student sketches and reflections along the way!

Interactive Map - Coming Soon

Meet the Student Travelers (Coming Soon)

Acknowledgements and Contacts:


Jonee Kulman Brigham, AIA, LEED AP O+M, Senior Research Fellow, Minnesota Design Center, College of Design, University of Minnesota, kulma002@umn.edu

Paul Imbertson, Teaching Professor, University of Minnesota Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, imberts@umn.edu

Fall 2022 Guest Instructor: Neva Hubbert

Fall 2022 TA: Amethyst O'Connell

Thank you to course partners and collaborators, especially the Bell Museum of Natural History which serves as an interpretive hub of the journey through the electric grid, to the Gibbs Farm museum that puts the value of our modern power system into historical context. And Thank you to the wonderful students, explorer-heros of our Power Systems Journey.

Banner Photo: Photo by Steven Su on Unsplash