Just like the wedding reception inside Gangnaru Restaurant, the outdoor hop is prepared with luxurious decorations. Helpline 0177-2534821

Table cloth and seat decoration

Gangnaru restaurant wedding reception

invited guests name and table decoration

Reservations for birthdays, dinners, and special gatherings

Reservations for birthdays, dinners and special gatherings

For birthdays, outdoor wedding and group gatherings, ample parking is one of the most important event requirements. Our restaurant right on the banks of the Main is a restaurant that leaves nothing to be desired for EVENT under such conditions and the free, sufficient parking spaces are the best choice for events.

At Gangnaru Restaurant, you can use media devices as follows.

For karaoke


K-Pop and Pop Song, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai Songs, Current foreign songs such as Russian, Spanish and Yanbian songs are available.

Available device types, please request for reservation.

** Hall and Hof enabled devices

**Devices only available in Halle

If you are making a reservation for morning only or afternoon only, or for a day reservation from morning to night, please contact us separately.

Restaurant GangNaRu, Mainzer Landstr. 791, 65934 Frankfurt am Main,  069-629090, restaurant@gangnaru.de