The Post-Human Network (PHuN or "Fun") is a collective of students and faculty based at Arizona State University. We engage with streams of ‘post-humanist’ thought and practice and seek to move beyond anthropocentrism in the academy and in society. Participants come from a number of disciplines across campus, including Arts Media and Engineering, Geography, and Literature. We aim to facilitate opportunities for collaborative study, creation, and experimentation. Our individual and collective production spans a variety of registers including, but not limited to, art, media, technoscience, urbanism, and design. Our work is influenced by areas of post-humanist thought such as vitalism, enactivism, process, new materialism, left-accelerationism, post-phenomenology, and systems theory.

Our activities include a fortnightly reading group hosted in the Lab for Critical Technics and an annual meeting. Faculty advisors include Adam Nocek, Ron Broglio, Kevin McHugh, and Sha Xin Wei.

Contact us by e-mail at PHuNRG@gmail.com

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