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Empowering Affirmations

With each episode you'll receive a new empowering affirmation and the exact guidance on how to energize that affirmation - and those affirmations YOU create - to experience the health, happiness, and success you deserve!

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"Supercharge Affirmations With Theatre of Mind Video Vision" - In this episode of the “Positive Word Affirmation”, you are going to learn how to supercharge your affirmations with Theatre of Mind Video Visions! Read show notes at http://bit.ly/2UAgVur.

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In this episode, you’ll discover why the way we typically think about affirmations is way too limiting, how everything we say and think is an affirmation, and why affirmation methods that recommend you repeat statements that aren’t true is an interstate highway to failure.

You’ll also learn how to apply Autogenic Training (AT) for creating pulling affirmations that help you create new positive realities in your life. AT is a powerful method for creating the optimum state of mind and body that allows positive affirmations to take root and flourish.

Autogenic Training Written Procedure Mentioned in Podcast: Click http://bit.ly/2whjiKM