For the people, by the people- Our government can only be as successful as those willing to be servant leaders. Too long have those with their own agendas been allowed to represent our citizens.

Education- To provide a better future we must invest in it. Our future will be provided by our children and we must invest in their education to make the right decisions tomorrow.

Responsibility- We cannot invest properly without first taking responsibility for our needs. If we cannot provide a safe, affordable, livable town, we are not being responsible to our citizens.

What does this mean for Avon?

The latest school referendum is the canary in the coal mine to our tax woes. We are zoning ourselves into a residential corner with little vision towards a more diverse tax base and direction for our town. If we do not right the ship now, we will not only need another school referendum in 8 years, but we will need further referendums for police, infrastructure, and more.

A moratorium for residential rezoning has been proposed and I believe this will help Avon put itself back into a stable tax position. This is not the only solution. It must be accompanied with studied, economic planning to make a positive and lasting impact for our town.

The use of the PUD is a tool for towns to work with unique situations that their land may provide. Too often it has been used as a vessel for circumventing their own zoning ordinances. Avon is beautiful and it is because of those standards. We must uphold them by insuring the proper use of the PUD or risk eroding the value of our town.

Avon is a town of ~20,000 residents and the decisions that we make impact the whole of Washington Township. The ~30,000 residents NOT in the town limits have no say in their representation. It is time for a more representative and cost-effective government solution.