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JANUARY 10TH: We held our 2nd anniversary bochet night. We brewed 10+ lbs of bochet over 3 fire pits. Varying the minutes and blending some batches. Thanks to Bill & Tina for hosting & feeding all of us. See bochet day link for pics.

Our 1st anniversary meeting was held Dec 7th in Rochester. We sampled a 2008 ginger/peach melomel and a 25 year old Texas mesquite mead. Both held up very well. Thanks to the members who shared them!

Also Mike Spears talked about the Michigan Mead Coalition. A group formed from some of the best mead makers in Michigan if not the country...

Amy Olsen spoke about the AMMA. The American Mead Maker's Association. A nationwide group dedicated to all things mead. She is also on the home governing board of that group. See links for their website to join AMMA.

Great info from both Mike and Amy! Thanks for stopping by our 1st anniversary meeting.

Our next meeting will be in March 2020.

We're looking at either a meadary or distillery for our March meeting. Stay tuned...

***Pontiac Mead Society is dedicated to help educate those interested in brewing mead, wine, cider and spirits. We were founded in December 2018 and are located around the Waterford, MI area & meet quarterly. Our primary goal is to provide an organization for people who are interested in learning, and sharing information as it pertains to the art of making mead, but we also create wine, cider and spirits. The Pontiac Mead Society offers opportunities for a wide variety of members regardless of experience and encourage all of our members to ACTIVELY participate in meetings and discussions. We are always looking for new members of any level of experience from beginner to professionals.

Contact: to get put on our google group mailing list & or any questions you may have.