LMS Academy

About us

Our Vision

To develop student's professional skills to smartly pilot both future career and personal paths.

Our Mission

  • To improve the employability potential of top LMS students

  • To provide an environment for personal growth.

PolyU LMS Academy, also known as LMS Thought Academy, is striving to develop into a thought leadership-based academy.

Cognitandi Exponentiali

Thinking Exponentially!”, is the key concept that the Academy wants to convey. We believe that besides reading and writing, quality of thinking is an important part to differentiate and distinguish oneself from others.

A Learned Process Requires Guidance

Nobody is a good thinker without learning. Key critical thinking skills such as analysis, interpretation and problem-solving, all need to be taught. LMSA is here to provide the learning environment, as well as the guidance of the learning progress.


By engaging in meetings and discussions provided, members will be guided to expertise some skill sets such as developing new ways of thinking. LMSA aspires to discover the intelligence of each members and to start the process of establishing their individual reputations.

The Academy is now stepping into a brand-new milestone. Unlike previous years, the Academy is now university-wide, everyone in PolyU who is eager to improve themselves, is welcome to the Academy.