0900-0930: Welcome and Introduction

0930-1100: Session 1 - Architectures

0930-1000 An Improved BigDAWG Architecture, Xiangyao Yu,

    • Xiangyao Yu (MIT), Vijay Gadepally (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Stan Zdonik (Brown University), Tim Kraska (MIT), Michael Stonebraker (MIT)

1000-1030 Multi-Model Database Management Systems - a Look Forward

    • Zhen Hua Liu (Oracle), Jiaheng Lu (University of Helsinki), Dieter Gawlick (Oracle), Heli Helskyaho (Miracle Technologies), Gregory Pogossiants (, Zhe Wu (Oracle)

1030-1130: Break

1100-1130 Progressive Interactions Between Data Sources

    • Ben McCamish (Oregon State University), Arash Termehchy (Oregon State University)

1130-1230: Session 2 - Data Models

1130-1200 TDM: A Tensor Data Model for Logical Data Independence in Polystore Systems

    • Eric LECLERCQ (University of Bourgogne), Marinette Savonnet (University of Bourgogne)

1200-1230 Sketching data structures for massive graph problems [invited talk]

    • Juan P. A. Lopes, Fabiano S. Oliveira, Paulo E. D. Pinto, Valmir C. Barbosa

1235-1400: Break, Lunch

1400-1600: Session 3 - Applications

1400-1430 Managing Structurally Heterogeneous Databases in Software Product Lines

    • Parisa Ataei (Oregon State University), Arash Termehchy (Oregon State University), Eric Walkingshaw (Oregon State University)

1430-1500 PDSPTF : Polystore Database System for Scalability and Access to PTF Time-domain Astronomy Data Archives

    • Shashank Shreshta (University of Aizu), Manoj Pudel (University of Aizu) ,Yilang Wu (University of Aizu), Wanming Chu (University of Aizu), Subhash Bhalla (University of Aizu), Thomas Kupfer (CalTech), Shrinivas Kulkarni (CalTech)

1500-1530 Demonstration: API Federation in the BigDAWG Polystore

    • Matthew Mucklo (MIT)

1530-1600 Demonstration: Data Civilizer [invited demonstration]

    • Nan Tang (QCRI), Mourad Ouzzani (QCRI)

1600-1615 Discussion, Closing