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Motivation of our group

We are researchers bulding up a community of machine learning, text-as-data and NLP enthusiasts in the social science domain and friends of all related fields. We aim to create a supportive enviroment to bring like minded researcher togehter for collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

🌱 Spring Speaker Series 2024 🌱

We will host again 5 amazing speakers from around the world. They will present their outstanding text-as-data work to us and we'll discuss their papers in depth.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always here to help! You can send us a message on Twitter, Bluesky, or by mail.

Probing Ciritical Learning Dynamics of PLMs for Hate Speech Detection

Sarah Masud (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology) @_themessier

2024-04-10, 5 pm CEST (online)

PolitiCause: Causality in Political Texts

Paulina Garcia Corral (Hertie School) @_paugc

2024-04-24, 5 pm CEST (online)

How Alignment Helps Make the Most of Multimodal Data

Andreas Küpfer (TU Darmstadt) @ankuepfer

2024-05-08, 3 pm CEST (online)

Liberal mimicry and revisionist powers in the UN General Assembly

Jana Lipps (ETH Zurich) 

2024-05-22, 5 pm CEST (online)

Undermining the Parliamentary Patriarchy: Woman, Political Speech, and Power Around the World

Jens Wäckerle (University of Cologne) @Jwaeckerle

2024-06-05, 5 pm CEST (online)

Is Propaganda Front-Page News?

Philine Widmer (ETH Zurich) @phinifa

2023-10-18, 5 pm CEST (online)

Measurement of Social Constructs with NLP using Two Case Studies of Workplace Depression and Sexist Language

Indira Sen (GESIS) @indiiigosky

2023-11-01, 5 pm CEST (online)

Paying the Piper: Government advertising and media bias

Alejandro Beltran (The Alan Turing Institute) @beltranalexj

2023-11-15, 5 pm CEST (online)

Analysing Political Texts with Less Data and Deep Transfer Learning

Moritz Laurer (VU Amsterdam) @MoritzLaurer

2023-11-29, 5 pm CEST (online)

How Effective are (Disruptive) Protests at Shifting Public Discourse in Activists’ Preferred Direction?

Michael Jacobs (University College London

2023-12-13, 35 pm CEST (online)

Language Complexity in Parliament: Use and Effect of Simple Language Among Populist and Non-Populist Actors in Parliamentary Debates

Rebecca Kittel (European University Institute) @rebecca_kittel

2024-01-10, 5 pm CEST (online)

NLP-supported (e-)deliberation: interdisciplinary challenges and real-world applications

Gabriella Lapesa (GESIS & Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf) @GabriellaLapesa

2024-02-07, 5 pm CEST (online)


Dirk Wulff (Max-Planck Institut) @dirkuwulff

2024-02-21, 5 pm CEST (online)

Previous talks

Named-Entity Recognition with Application to Foreign Leader Mentions in Congressional Speeches

Ashrakat Elshehawy (University of Oxdord) @AshElshehawy

2023-03-08, 3:30 pm CEST (online)

Battle of Words: Dynamics of Echo Chambers among European Elites

Joris Frese (European University Institute) @fresejoris

2022-03-22, 5 pm CEST (online)

The Politics of Right and Wrong: Moral Appeals in Political Communication across Time, Space, Ideology, and Topics

Tobias Widmann (Aarhus University) @TobiasWidmann

2023-04-19, 5 pm CEST (online)

Political Metaphors in U.S. Governor Speeches

Léo Picard (University of Basel) @leops95

2023-05-03, 5 pm CEST (online)

Immigration and Social Distance: Evidence from Newspapers during the Age of Mass Migration

Gloria Gennaro (University College London) @gloriagennaro

2023-05-17, 5 pm CEST (online)

Visuals within Multimodal Studies

Erik Bucy (Texas Tech University) @erikpbucy

2023-05-31, 5 pm CEST (online)

Sequential Seeded LDA: A Topic Model for Theory-driven Classification of Sentences

Kohei Watanabe (Lazard Asset Management) @koheiw7

2022-09-20, 10-11am CEST (online)

Perceptions of Changing Status Hierarchies: An Analysis of Open-ended Survey Responses

Delia Zollinger (University of Zurich) @dpzollinger

2022-10-04, 5-6pm CEST (online)

Word Embeddings for the Analysis of Ideological Placement in Parliamentary Corpora [Video]

Ludovic Rheault (University of Toronto) @LudovicRheault

2022-10-18, 5-6pm CEST (online)

Named-Entity Recognition with Application to Foreign Leader Mentions in Congressional Speeches

Ashrakat Elshehawy (University of Oxford) @AshElshehawy

2022-11-01, 5-6pm CEST (online)

Fairness and Inclusion in NLP: Challenges and Opportunities [Video]

Anne Lauscher (Bocconi University) @anne_lauscher

2022-11-15, 5-6pm CEST (online)

Validating Topic Models: Does it matter how we do it? [Video]

Jana Bernhard (University of Vienna)

2022-11-29, 5-6pm CEST (online)

Who are they talking to? Automated measurement of group appeals in political texts [Video]

Hauke Licht (University of Cologne) @hauke_licht

2022-12-13, 5-6pm CEST (online)

When do political parties listen to interest groups? [Paper] [Video]

Maiken Roed (Lund University)

2022-04-12, 5-6pm (online) 

Multilingual Topic Models [Paper] [Slides] [Code]

Fabienne Lind (University of Vienna) @FabienneLind

2022-04-26, 5-6pm (online)

Three Gaps in Computational Text Analysis Methods for Social Sciences: A Research Agenda [Paper]

Christian Pipal (University of Amsterdam) @christianpipal

2022-05-10, 5-6pm (online)

How Simple Messages Affect Voters' Knowledge and Their Perceptions of Politicans - Evidence from Large-Scale Survey Experiment [Paper]

Roman Senninger (Aarhus University) @r_senninger

2022-05-24, 5-6pm (online)

Linking Datasets on Organizations Using Half A Billion Open Collaborated Records 

Connor Jerzak (University of Texas) 

2022-06-07, 5-6pm (online)

Measuring Agenda Setting in Interactive Political Communication

Erin Rossiter (University of Notre Dame) @erinrossiter

2022-06-21, 5-6pm (online)

Troublemakers in the streets? A framing of protest in the UK 1992-2017 [Video]

Johannes Gruber (European University Viadrina) @JohannesBGruber

2022-07-05, 5-6pm (online)

Twitter-Demographer: A Flow-based Tool to Enrich Twitter Data [Paper]

Federico Bianchi (Stanford University) @federicobianchy

2022-07-19, 5-6pm (online)

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