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Decal Set #031
Decal Set #033

All decals below are available as clear waterslide in 1/64, 1/32, and 1/25 scales. All waterslide decals are printed on CLEAR decal film with a blue release backing paper for better visibility of white colors. All decal colors are backed by white assuring true representation when applied on any color surface. All stand-alone whites are either double or triple printed for 100% opacity. Custom sizing is available by request. 

All prices shown are for 1/25 scale.  1/64 are $5.00  1/32 ARE $10.00


Due to theft of artwork, our website art now contains an MW Fasig Graphics watermark.  It will not appear in the actual set.  We apologize for having to do this and for any visual inconvenience.

Set # 024 Bobby Gerhart Coupe/Mustang

Price: 13.00

Set #025 Mushroom Special (3 versions)

Price: $15.00

Set #026 Maynard Troyer Fairlane-1 

PRICE: $14.00

Set #027 Maynard Troyer Fairlane-2  

PRICE: $14.00

Set #028 Mert Hulbert Pinto  

PRICE: $14.00

Set # 029 Freddy Adam Mustang/Coupe Double Set

PRICE: $15.00

Set # 030 Freddy Adam Coupe-1 

PRICE: $13.00

Set # 031 Freddy Adam Dodge Coupe-2

Price: $13.00

Set # 032 Davey Marburger Coupe  PRICE $13.00

Set # 033 Bob Hauer Corvair 

PRICE: $13.00

Set # 034 Bobby Braxton Coupe 

PRICE: $14.00 

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