Pokemon Masters APK, Download now for Free

Pokemon Masters APK :- As we all know About Pokemon which is also widely known as Pocket monsters is the most popular and stunning Japanese Anime and Manga Creations that is managed by the ecstatic Pokemon company. The franchise has its own Anime series that is most popular then comes Manga, Theme parks, Games and even various toys.

The pokemon series is famous not just among kids but with adults who have grown up watching it as well. and thus today to make you all nostalgic and have a glance of Pikachu, Other pokemons and Ash we are here with the very exuberant Pokemon Masters APK, and today we will learn about this app and also know how to download it on PC . So, without any further ado let's get started -

About the Pokemon Masters APK, And all that you need to know :-

The Pokemon Masters APK is a free to play Android and iOS Pokemon series game and this game is available on both android as well as Apple devices this game has been designed and published by the Dena Company. The game was launched in the month of August in 2019. It is extremely popular and in this game users can collect multiple types of Pokemon and work along with the trainers just like the main Anime series.

System Requirements to Play the astonishing Pokemon Masters APK -

Ram Size :- 2 GB or More

Android version required :- 5.0 or latest

Free Space needed :- 2 GB or more

Follow the following steps in order to download the amazing Pokemon masters apk for free of cost -

This game is really amazing as it is loaded with some of the best features that a game needs of all time, This game is an action adventure game just like the pokemon series And in it you can do 3 versus 3 Online battle against various other trainers from all around the world. You can also progress with your pokemon's and evolve them along the way. So without wasting even a single moment of yours let us talk about the system requirements to play this game -

Steps to Download the One and Only Pokemon Masters APK-

  • In Order to Download the App of Pokemon masters,first go to the google play store via your Google account ( if you do not have a google account then make sure you have one or create one ).

  • Now on the search bar, type for Pokemon masters and press enter button with your fingers.

  • After that is done the first and the top most search result is the official app of Pokemon masters.

  • Click on the app, and then click on install.

  • Now depending upon your internet speed the app will be installed.

  • That's it, now run the game and enjoy being the best trainer that is out there and be the finest Pokemon master in the whole wide world.

Features and Functions of the Pokemon Masters APK -

These are the features of this lovely game -

  • It is Free to play to the fullest :- The Pokemon masters apk is completely free to play and the game is loaded with some of the best features of all times and users can enjoy playing this game to the fullest.

  • Online multiplayer games against live trainers :- This game is an online game and people can battle against live trainers in a 3 versus 3 (player versus player) battle scenario.

  • A great user interface that is very resilient :- The game also has a very great user interface and it is very resilient and loaded with good features and thus this game shows ultimate user experience at its finest.

  • A Very easy and simple to play game :- The game is also very simple and easy to play and users can learn it via the brief tutorial that is given at the start of the game.

  • Built an entire team of trainers :- One can build the entire team as they can recruit other live players and also share pokemons with each other in the game.

  • Start the adventure and catch pokemons :- Start your action and adventure series as you can go out and explore and meet new people in the game.

  • Train the pokemon and level them up (Evolve them) :- As you catch the pokemon you can also train them and evolve them as per the time and training that is given to them.

  • Explore the town in the game :- Fully explore the town and find out the best spots to catch pokemons in the game.

  • All the trainers from all the pokemon series are together in this game:- All the trainers that have been seen in the pokemon series have come back to be together as one to form the team of the best trainers in the world.

  • And more features :- And a bunch of other good features as well, To know more download the Game and its apk for Free of cost from playstore.

User and additional Information on the superb Pokemon Masters APK -

User rating of the game

4.1 out of 5 stars

last date of game update

22 July 2020

Total no. of installs

10 Million +

Current version of the game


Size of the game

81 MB

Content rating of the game

Rated for 3 +

Game offered by-

DeNA Co. Ltd.

Verdict AKA Conclusion on the DeNA Co.

Ltd. Presented Pokemon Masters Game -

The Pokemon Masters Game is a vibrant game that is made for all the Pokemon fans, this game has some of the best Pokemon features that one can not even find in Pokemon GO game, As this game is more focused on Multiplayer battles and getting back the retro theme of the game and focusing to bringing it back to originality.

As all the old themes of the game have been conquered and not just the old Trainers but also the pokemons from various series have been put in this game and this vibrancy makes the game more fun to play and in our eyes this game is a must download for everyone as most importantly it is free to play and secondly the features that it provides are surely remarkable.