If I could change the world

Using only my words

I'd write the greatest poem

Of Love, ever heard.

Poet Christopher was born in the winter of 1971 in Missouri with the given name of Christopher Allen Breidinger. From his early years, his mind was synchronizing poetic gears and constructing mindsets in creative and adaptive poetry, short stories, and lyrics. A difficult childhood led Poet Christopher to develop and nurture a passion for writing and expressing (like all great writers) that the best outlet is paper and emotional ink. Time has only sharpened and refined his mind in its poetic endeavors. His works are topically wide spread and elegantly profound, yet earthly and inspiring. Poet Christopher as a Lyricist and Author is constantly and consistently evolving and fluidly moving emotions like waves bound by only the moon and gravity.

Poet Christopher currently resides in the beautiful town of Winter Haven, Florida with his wife Brenda, his youngest daughter, Cali, and their pug Sadie, where he frequents the ocean coastlines and enjoys spending time writing and hiking. An Inspiration to many and a guide for others, Poet Christopher is striving and moving onward still today with a total of five books published, and countless lives touched. This author continues his quest to enlighten and reach as many people as possible. Poet Christopher’s mind shapes thought into matter and materializes emotions into a legible script of letters, encouraging all minds alike to join together for humanity and love, even if it’s for only a moment to read.