Pocket Democracy

A user-friendly app for following local politics

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MORE ABOUT pocket democracy

We want to bring democracy to your pocket by offering data that is easy to understand and make use of. Our idea is to develop an app that gives you information about local politics and the people who work for you.

In the Pocket Democracy app you can, for example, follow cases, follow areas of interest or see the latest decisions from the municipality. The search function makes it possible to search for information in public municipal documents. In the app you can also see a list of politicians and the bodies they are members of.

In the fall of 2019, the app will be tested in Malax municipality, but anyone has the opportunity to download the app and test the features. Our hope is to expand to more Ostrobothnian municipalities in 2020.

Pocket Democracy is being developed by the Åbo Akademi University (Political Science with Mass Communication) in collaboration with Experience Lab, Gambit and Malax Municipality.

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