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Enter the PNR Number, click on the get status button to check the PNR status of Indian railways.

PNR status can be used to know the current booking status of a ticket. The ticket can be a train or a flight. The full form of PNR is Passenger Name Record. PNR is a 10 digit unique number printed on each and every train ticket booked through Indian Railways. The PNR number can be found on the top-left corner of the train ticket. This unique PNR number helps Indian Railways and passengers to know the journey details of passengers and the travel information. Whenever a ticket is booked, Indian railways automatically generate a unique number and this number is stored in the CRIS database. The full form of CRIS is the center for railway information systems. By checking the PNR Status one can know the details like train number, train name, boarding railway station, travel date, Number of passengers, booking status, current status, and coach position.

Check PNR Status

How to check the PNR status of a train ticket? There are different ways to check the PNR status of the rail ticket. Each of these methods is briefly discussed here.

  • Online Enquiry

  • Reservation Charts

  • Mobile Applications

  • Mobile SMS

IRCTC PNR Status Checking Through Online Websites

This website is a quite popular online portal and anyone can use this to check the PNR details. Passengers can also use this portal to check for train inquiry and train schedules. It is very easy to get the Indian railway PNR status. Just enter the PNR number in the above text box and then click on the Get Status button. Within a few seconds, the PNR details will be shown and you will know whether your ticket is confirmed or not.

Indian Railways: The official portal which passengers can use to inquiry for the PNR details.

IRCTC: This is a limited service. Only passengers who are booked train tickets through IRCTC can check the berth confirmation using the PNR number.

Check PNR Status by Sending SMS from Mobiles

It is quite easy to inquiry about the current booking details from mobile. All you have to do is type PNR <pnr number> from your mobile and send SMS to 139 or 57886. Ex: PNR 1234567890

Another way is to call 139 from your phone and follow the instructions to know the status of the ticket.

Verify PNR Status on Reservation Charts on Trains

This is an offline method for checking the booking status. Usually, the reservation charts are prepared 2 to 3 hours before the starting of the train. A print out of this reservation chart is stick on the railway platforms and on the train compartments. However, this is not a convenient method to check the PNR status.

PNR Enquiry Through Mobile Applications

With the increase of smartphone usage, Indian railways and IRCTC has published mobile apps for tracking the services and for booking train tickets. Commuters can install these apps from the market place and can check different services including the irctc PNR status.

pnr status

IRCTC PNR Status Codes

Passengers must know that the status of the ticket can be changed at any time even if it is a confirmed ticket. The ticket status can be upgraded or downgraded at any time by the Indian Railways. So it is advisable to check the PNR status one hour before the journey to know the correct status of the ticket. After checking for the status of your ticket, it can be in any one of the statuses CNF, RAC, GNWL, and CAN. These statuses stand for ticket confirmed, reservation against cancellation, general waiting list, and canceled. Apart from these, there are less known statuses like pooled quota waiting list (PQWL) and remote waiting list(RLWL). It is very difficult to get a confirmed ticket when the PNR status is in PQWL and RLWL.

Different Types of Waitlisted Tickets

When you book a ticket and you did not get a confirmed berth then your ticket PNR will be in one of the waitlisting statuses. The most known PNR code is the GNWL which is a general waiting list. Most of the time the ticket will be in the GNWL status. If a ticket is in this status, then there is a high chance of getting a confirmed berth. The other popularly known PNR status code is the CKWL which is a tatkal waitlist. Tatkal waitlist tickets are given priority to GNWL as the price of this ticket is higher than the normal one. The other types of statuses are RLWL and PQWL. It is highly difficult to get a berth when the ticket is in one of these two PNR codes.

Ticket Booking Through IRCTC

IRCTC is an official partner of Indian Railways and one can book train tickets online through the IRCTC web portal. Passengers can book two types of tickets through this portal. The first one is I-ticket and the second one is the E-Ticket. In the case of an I-ticket, a physical copy of the train ticket is sent to the passenger address which has to be produced at the time of boarding the train. Whereas in the case of E-Ticket, passengers have to submit the print out of the ticket or can show the mobile SMS to the ticket collector.

Tatkal Ticket vs Premium Tatkal Ticket: The tatkal is a type of quota where the booking of tickets is opened one day prior to the start of the train. Passengers can book train tickets under this quota at a higher price compared to the regular quota. The price of the berth under tatkal quota is fixed whereas the price of the ticket under premium tatkal changes dynamically with the increase in the number of commuters booking the train tickets.

Indian Railways

Indian railway is one of the largest railway networks in Asia. It runs different trains like express, passenger, goods, metro, Garib-rath express, and many more. Apart from the PNR status, One check for the train schedule, trains running between two stations, berth availability, and seat fare on the railway portal.

Accommodation Classes Codes in Indian Railways

Depending on the facilities provided in each compartment, they are classified into different types of classes.

  • 1A: First class Air-Conditioned (AC)

  • 2A: AC 2-tier sleeper

  • 3A: AC 3-tier sleeper

  • FC: First class

  • 3E: AC 3 Tier Economy

  • CC: AC Chair Car

  • SL: Sleeper Class

  • 2S: Second Sitting

This website is not affiliated or partnered with Indian Railways in any way. This site provides services like PNR status, train running status, and train schedule. We do not guarantee the correctness of the information provided here. Please check the official Indian railway's site for exact PNR details.

PNR Status
PNR Status
PNR Status