Our Group

Principal Investigator

Dr. Yaniv Edery

e-mail: yanivedery@technion.ac.il
Phone: +972-50963739
Address: Rabin Building, Room 355,
Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, 32000, Israel

Yaniv did BSc in physics and oceanography in the Hebrew University, MSc and Ph.D. in the Weizmann Institute, and postdoc in the soft matter physics lab at Harvard University. Currently, Yaniv is heading the porous media visualization (PMV) lab in the Technion, where investigates may aspects of flow, reaction, and deformation in porous media. To study that in the PMV lab we replace the porous soil and rock with an equivalent transparent porous material developed in the lab. The transparent porous material allows direct quantification of the following processes occurring in soil and rock: transport in porous media, reaction rates of chemicals during transport, displacement of resident phase in the porous media by a miscible or immiscible phase, and deformation of the porous material during the transport. Advanced microscopy methods do the quantification and in-house using light-sheet microscopy coupled with an ultra-high-speed camera with 105 frames per second. This unique experimental setup gives access to the hidden dynamics of real soil physical processes.

Dr. Ludmila Abezgauz

Lab. Manager
e-mail: ludaa@cv. technion.ac.il
Phone: +972-545483717
Address: Sherman Building, Room 103

Martin Stolar

Graduate student
e-mail: mstolar@campus.technion.ac.il

Martin is a master student, working on the fracturing of porous media. Currently, he is building unique brittle, porous media cells that can be visualized in 3D. Using his unique porous media, he aims to understand the process of induced seismicity.

Yahel Eliyahu-Yakir

Graduate student

e-mail: syahele@campus.technion.ac.il

Yahel is a master student in Environmental studies working on flow and reaction between miscible phases in porous media. She aims to find the physical and chemical stability of CO2 sequestration, for that she uses microscopy and microfluidics to measure flow and reaction of miscible phases.

Arnold Bachrach

Graduate student
e-mail: arnoldb@campus.technion.ac.il

Tal Ballas

Ungraduate student
e-mail: tal.ballas@campus.technion.ac.il

Avioz Dagan

Ungraduate student

Avioz is an undergraduate student in Environmental studies. He is working on preferential flow simulation. Avioz aims to find a correlation between the field homogeneity and the flow tortuosity.

Adi Biran

Ungraduate student
e-mail: adi.biran@campus.technion.ac.il

The main goal of the research is understanding interactions between bacteria and clay particles, on the micro & nano level for controlling biofilm formation. For that, Adi is combining batch biological experiments with microfluidic measurements in specifically designed flow-cells.

Yehonatan Bitran

Ungraduate student
e-mail: bitran@campus.technion.ac.il

Women and men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honor and recognition in event of success.

Paraphrased from Shackleton’s Ad

Seriously, I’m not looking for the smartest but the ones with the most grit. The ones who deal with endless failures for that one, sweet success. If you are that one, talk to me. Furthermore, the wages are above average in the Technion…