Ahtisham Ul Haq Pampori

Research Scholar

Department of Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Academic Background

B.Tech: National Institute of Technology Srinagar.

M. Tech + Ph.D. (Ongoing): Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

Thesis Advisor: Prof. Yogesh Singh Chauhan


Curriculum vitae PMRF.pdf

Research Project

This project will primarily focus on the development, characterization, and modeling of AlGaN/GaN based High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) with a key emphasis on RF applications. The key domains of research to be followed in this project are:

Computationally efficient compact models: Circuit development using GaN HEMTs calls for fast, scalable and computationally efficient compact models. GaN HEMTs have recently gained momentum in terms of model development with two models getting standardized in 2017-18: a) ASM-HEMT model – a joint effort by IIT Kanpur and University of South Florida and b) MIT’s Virtual Source model. While these models emulate the core GaN HEMT device, significant peripheral effects are yet to be modeled properly. These include models for trapping, reliability, multiple channel devices and vertical/fin-based GaN HEMTs. Introduction of these models is poised to significantly reduce system development costs using GaN HEMTs, which in turn will help realize advanced communication and power systems.

S-Parameter results for a GaN-FinHEMT model (paper under review)

Output characteristics for a GaN-FinHEMT model (paper under review)

Transfer characteristics (Transconductance) for a GaN-FinHEMT model (paper under review)

Novel Characterization Techniques: New characterization techniques need to be developed to accurately and quickly extract parameters pertaining to various effects in GaN HEMTs. This includes coming up with characterization techniques that may either increase the speed and accuracy of extracting existing parameters or lead to the extraction of completely new parameters defined by the required models discussed in the previous section.

Device level improvements for RF applications: RF applications impose stringent requirements on the device characteristics in terms of linearity, power handling capacity, unity gain frequency (𝑓𝑇) and Power Added Efficiency (PAE). Linearity of GaN HEMTs needs to be engineered to develop spectrally efficient devices at higher frequencies. While the AlGaN/GaN system inherently offers high thermal conductivity, improved heat dissipation mechanisms can be engineered to drive even higher power levels. GaN devices with unity gain frequencies of above 300GHz have already been demonstrated and active research is being pursued in this segment to push this number higher while maintaining a decent PAE. Novel techniques need to be introduced to develop devices with an optimal tradeoff between 𝑓𝑇 and PAE.

Design and prototype development of a state-of-the-art GaN HEMT based Power Amplifier (PA): The final phase of the project will be the design and prototype implementation of a state-of-the-art Power Amplifier (PA) for upcoming 5G communication standards. Design of the PA will bring all previously discussed domains together to implement a desired solution.

Courses credited

  • Solid State Devices

  • Analog VLSI Design

  • Integrated Circuit fabrication Technology

  • Semiconductor Device Modeling

  • Compact Modeling

  • Charge and Heat Transport in Semiconductors

  • VLSI System Design

  • MMIC Design

  • Microwave Measurements and Design

  • Quantum and Wave Phenomena



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