Pedro Branco

Short Biography

I am a PhD student in Information Security at SQIG in IST, Lisbon. I am supervised by Paulo Mateus.

During the Fall 2018, I was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Cincinnati, under the supervision of Jintai Ding.

I am a founder of the Student Seminar SQIG. If you want to give a talk to our group, please contact me.


I am mainly interested in cryptography. More precisely, I am interested in lattice-based and code-based cryptography.

dblp profile


  • A Traceable Ring Signature Scheme based on Coding Theory, with Paulo Mateus. To appear in PQCrypto 2019. Eprint
  • A Post-Quantum UC-Commitment Scheme in the Global Random Oracle from Code-Based Assumptions. Eprint, 2019
  • Universally Composable Oblivious Transfer Protocol based on the RLWE Assumption, with Jintai Ding, Manuel Goul√£o and Paulo Mateus. Eprint 2018
  • A Code-Based Linkable Ring Signature Scheme, with Paulo Mateus. ProvSec 2018. [Link]