Giulio is a tenure-track faculty (W2) at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy (MPI-SP) where he is the head of the Cryptographic Systems group. His research work revolves around theoretical and applied aspects of cryptography and he is broadly interested in the intersection with other disciplines, e.g. computer security, concurrent systems, cryptocurrencies, game theory, and quantum computation.

Prior to joining MPI-SP, he was a PostDoc with a joint appointment at UC Berkeley (working with Sanjam Garg) and at Carnegie Mellon University (working with Vipul Goyal). In fall 2019 he was a research fellow at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing. He completed his Ph.D. in June 2019 at Friedrich-Alexander University under the supervision of Dominique Schröder.

Email: giuliø.malavølta@hø (substituting ø with o).


Behzad Abdolmaleki

Ph.D. Students:
Phillip Gajland (jointly supervised with Eike Kiltz)
Noemi Gläser (jointly supervised with Jonathan Katz)
Ahmadreza Rahimi


(2022) PKC, S&P (Oakland)
(2021) CCS, CVC, PKC


For an updated list of publications, refer to dblp.

His Ph.D. dissertation constructs new time-lock mechanisms based on computationally hard problems and has won the Staedtler-Stiftung award.