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Welcome to PMA from the Parent Group!

First, unlike other schools, every caregiver is automatically an official member of the PMA Parent Group – there are no signup sheets, no membership forms, no annual dues. So welcome to the PMA Parent Group! The goal of the Parent Group is to create a strong school spirit through fun and educational activities and programs. We sponsor in-school enrichment programs, field trips, graduation activities and more. We help make the learning experience an enjoyable and rewarding one for all PMA children!

Everyone is welcome to join the monthly Parent Group meetings held at the school. You will see emails, flyers and Facebook discussions about the meetings, as well as different collections, fundraisers and volunteer needs throughout the year. How involved you become in PMA Parent Group activities is completely up to you!

Check out the below snapshot of PMA Parent Group events so you are prepared:

- Fun Fest: Our annual public fundraiser in September is the PMA Parent Group’s premier family event. It is a “can’t miss” event for students of all ages and generates the funds we use to sponsor class field trips and a variety of enrichment events throughout the school year. As soon as the school year starts, there will be a flurry of Fun Fest activity! Each class creates a “theme” basket for the raffles, and you will see communications about needed items, donations, sponsorship opportunities, planned activities and, of course, requests for volunteers as every family is expected to participate in some way! Check out the “PMA Fall Fun Fest” Facebook page for details on what to expect at the event.

- Pumpkin Stroll: In October, plan on joining PMA families to enjoy a crisp, evening stroll around the grounds of PMA! Families send in carved pumpkins that are then lit for everyone to see. We also gather inside to warm up with some special treats after our outdoor adventure.

- St. Nicholas Day: Parent Group provides students and staff with the meaning of The Feast of St. Nicholas along with a small candy cane for them to enjoy and one to share with someone.

- Santa Visit: You don’t want to miss Santa in December! Get in the Christmas spirit as Santa arrives to collect unwrapped toys from the students and bring them to less-fortunate children.

- Catholic Schools Week (CSW): We kickoff the New Year by showing our gratitude for the PMA teachers and staff during CSW. The teachers may be in charge of the student activities that week, but we provide a week of surprises for our staff and a donut treat for students. We end the week with a special program for the whole school to enjoy in the Thompson Center.

- Mother & Son Fun Night: Later in the year, we also host a fun evening of basketball, laughter and food for moms (or beloved female caretakers) and their favorite boys! Plan to have some pizza and laughs with the boys of PMA. Pictures are taken and sent home in the shuttle.

- Sweet Treat & Book BINGO: Parent Group fun continues with our family BINGO night. Bring the entire family and join us for pizza and There are always plenty of gently used books and fabulous sweet treats as prizes so everyone wins at this sellout event!

- Father Daughter Dance: Each spring, PMA girls get to bring their dads or a special male role model in their life to this magical evening! Everyone gets dressed up, can have their picture taken by one of our photographers and dances the night away while indulging in some light refreshments.

- 8th Grade Graduation: As the year winds down, we celebrate our soon-to-be graduates and commemorate their time at PMA. We assist the school with graduation activities for all graduates.

- In-School Enrichment: Thanks to the PMA Parent Group, students get to expand their learning in the comfort of their own school. We’ve brought in everyone from musical groups and live plays to acrobats, laserlight shows and the Boston Museum of Science’s Mad Scientists!

- Field Trips: The PMA Parent Group manages field trips for the entire school and plans a variety of experiences ranging from the zoo, museums and planetarium, to the State House and Seacoast Science Center. During Covid times these field trips may be combined to in school events.

- Exact dates and details will be shared throughout the year in your child’s school shuttle, email updates and on the Facebook group, but more information on all of the events can also be found on the website at:

A few things to keep in mind:

- To volunteer at PMA, you first need to complete mandatory training. The only exception is our Fun Fest! Reach out to Kim Flint at for more details.

- The school will also distribute information on sports, clubs, walk-a-thon, grandparent breakfasts, end-of-year Field Days, and other important updates throughout the year.

Feel free to reach out anytime via email ( or or join our monthly meetings. We’d love to help you and your child feel at home at PMA and look forward to getting to know you!


Christine Deneault and Chris Thompson, Parent Group Co-Chairs

Join our private group on Facebook, “Presentation of Mary Academy, Parent Group” to access the latest information and connect with other families.

In addition to school communications and sports/activities updates, you will also see event and fundraising discussions that are NOT run by the Parent Group but are important for the PMA community such as: the Annual PMA Auction, a fun night out for parents to raise Capital Campaign funds that sells out every year; the PMA Angel Fund, which manages donations/support for PMA families in need; and more.