How To Avoid Bad Sewer Smells In Your House

The home plumbing system is an engineering marvel. The home plumbing system consists of very many interconnected parts and components that all work together to ensure that you have an endless supply of clean water and that all the waste in your house is diposed of properly and hygienically. The plumbing industry has evolved significantly over the years. And in the course of this evolution, very many innovative plumbing products have been created. Most of these plumbing products are invented to solve various plumbing issues and problems. That is why we now have very impressive home plumbing systems.

One of the most amazing things about the plumbing system is that despite handling some very icky stuff like human waste, there are no telltale odors back in the house. It's quite amazing how this is achieved. All the bad odors in your plumbing system are kept away by a small plumbing invention called a water trap. This is the u-shaped bend that you find in the pipes below your sinks and other drainage parts. The water trap always retains some water and this water acts as a barrier that prevents the bad sewer smells from wafting back into the house. But sometimes you can still get some bad odors in the house. This is what you should do.

Fill The Water Traps

As mentioned above, bad odors are kept away from the house by water traps. These bad odors can be very unpleasant. They can also cause health problems in your house. But sometimes even the water traps are unable to keep the bad smells away from the house. This is usually the case when you leave some parts of the plumbing system unused for a long time. The little water that traps the bad odors evaporates over time thereby allowing the bad smells to waft back into the house. Fortunately you can fix this problem very easily. Just run the water in all areas of your plumbing for some time and then stop. All the water traps will fill up thereby preventing any bad smells from wafting back into the house. Floor drains also feature a water trap to keep the bad smells at bay. If your floor drains dry up, pour a bucket of water on each of them to prevent bad smells from coming through.

Clean The Drain Pipes

Sometimes the problem of bad sewer smells is not caused by dry water traps. Sometimes it’s the drain pipes that require some serious cleaning. Bad smelling drain pipes are very common in the kitchen. This is because kitchen drain pipes usually handle food remnants that rot and produce bad smells and slime in the pipes. You can solve the problem of bad odors in your kitchen drains by cleaning the pipes. You will need bleach, water, and a long flexible pipe brush to scour the smelly pipes thoroughly. You should make a point of cleaning your drain pipes at least twice a year.

Call A Professional Plumber

Bad sewer smells can also be caused by many other factors. You could be having a very serious problem in your sewer system, such as a huge clog or a leak in the sewer lines.

Request professional DC plumbing services in order to diagnose and fix such serious plumbing problems. These professionals will provide the best solution to your bad sewer smells.