6 Things To Take Into Consideration When Searching For A Chicago Plumber

If you have a plumbing emergency in Chicago and need to find a plumber quickly, you may be very tempted to open your phone book and give the first one you find in the Yellow Pages a call. That isn't always the best idea. First of all, most of us don't even have a phone book anymore or don't know where it is. Second of all, the first listing most likely is somebody who was smart enough to name his business starting with A, knowing that the first listing in the phone book tends to get the most phone calls.

Just because that might show good business sense doesn't necessarily mean they have the best plumbers working for the business. Whether you have advance warning or little or no time, the best thing to do is be very thorough with your search. Keep reading this article to learn about the 6 most important things you should consider when you are needing to find a plumber in the Chicago area for your business or home.

1. Does the plumber's rates vary depending on the hours and day?

There are some plumbers that will only work Monday through Friday during regular business hours. These are professionals that won't have different rates for weekends and evenings, but they won't be available during those times either. Depending on how urgent the situation is or when you can be at home to meet with the plumber, most likely you will have a pretty good idea of what time and day of week you are going to need the service. Ask about what their rates are for after hours. Some companies charge extras, while others do not. Some of the ones that do may have different rates for weekend days compared to weekday evenings. Ask enough questions so that you are provided with an accurate quote.

2. Do they seem too confident about their quote online or over the phone?

Some plumbing companies and plumbers will act very enthusiastic about their abilities to handle your project or solve your plumbing problems in order to win over your business and confidence. Although it is reasonable to expect that all businesses need to sell themselves to prospective clients, authentic and real professionals know they can't provide you with an accurate quote until they have physically visited the property, and they will tell you this. If it is something you are planning in advance to have done, get at minimum of three quotes and visits. Even if you have an emergency where you call someone right away, don't allow them to begin working until you get a firm quote based on them inspecting your property.

3. Has your preferred plumber been in business for at least several years?

If so, has it been within the Chicago area? During the winter the Windy City gets brutally cold at times, but it can get stifling hot during the summer as well. For houses lacking in climate control year around (both air conditioning and heating), these climate and temperature swings can really take a toll on your plumbing and pipes, particularly pipes that aren't insulated and that are on the outside of your home or the exterior walls. Having a plumber who has been in business for several years who has experience with the Chicago area specifically will place you in much better hands.

4. Will the company email or text you a photograph of the plumber's face and name?

These days, many companies sending out technicians or contractors do this as part of their best practices. It is a good security feature that helps keep unwanted individuals posing as professionals from obtaining access to your house.

5. If contractors need to work outside as well as inside, do they wear paper booties?

For Internet and cable television technicians this has become quite common when they have work to do outside, or if they're visiting a number of difference residences all on the same run. It is a polite that some contractors do to help keep residue, debris and dirt from the outside being tracked all over your carpet and floors from the bottom of their shoes. It's a small thing. However, businesses that do this show that they are conscientious about entering your home in a clean and polite way. If you are on the phone and ask this question, the person you are speaking with might be surprised. However, it really goes a long way in demonstrating whether they care or not.

6. What are the plumber's online reviews like?

One of the best places for compiling a list of Chicago area plumbers to help you with your business or home is the Internet. You can also go online to check other places like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau and Angie's List. Just remember that no business will ever have a perfect rating with all of the unhappy people there. However, reputable businesses will still have high ratings and attempt to respond to negative reviews.

Now you are aware of the 6 things you should consider when searching for a plumber in Chicago. So whether you are faced with an emergency or planning a project in advance, remember to keep all of the above points in mind when searching for a good plumber.