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House Committee Analyzes IIJA Implementation. Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW). March 2023

House Prepares to Take Off with FAA Reauthorization. ETW. March 2023.

Pipeline safety takes center stage. ETW. March 2023

How California can build sustainable public transportation. Mercury News. February 2023.

Cheap transit fares: almost zero but not quite. ETW. January 2023

Shining more lights on a multi-billion dollar problem: high costs for transit construction. ETW. October 2022.

Looking beyond Infrastructure Week. ETW. May 2022.

House hearing outlines need to resolve interagency disputes for enforcing cargo preference. ETW. September 2022.

Transit Ridership: Not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels this decade.  ETW. July 2022.

Political broken promises: self-serving officials and unrealistic expectations in the history of the NYC subway. The Metropole.  April 2020.

The Second Avenue subway’s lessons for American transit. Streetsblog. March 2020.

Effective collaboration in an unlikely place. Governing. December 2017.

Mitigating Gridlock: Lessons on regional governance from the organization that keeps New York moving. Articulo - Journal of Urban Research. September 2017.

Bringing home the Davis-BaconWall Street Journal Op-Ed.  December 2016.

Lessons from the Tappan Zee Bridge. The Atlantic. September 2015.

Book review of Megaproject Planning and Management: Essential Readings by Bent Flyvbjerg. Journal of Planning Literature. August 2015.

Waiting more than 100 years for the Second Avenue Subway to arrive.  Journal of Planning History.  June 2015.

What’s taking so long? Identifying underlying causes of delays in planning transportation megaprojects. Journal of Planning Literature.  January 2015.


The last subway. New York Archives magazine. Winter 2022.

What New Yorkers can learn from Seoul Streetsblog. July 2021.

Forget the Kardashians. To survive the next pandemic we need to create great leaders. Star-Ledger. April 2020.

Cuomo and coronavirus: A match of leader and crisis. Daily News. March 2020.

Subway upgrades without congestion pricing funds will cause another transit crisis. Crain's New York. March 2020.

Battles Over the MTA’s Long-Term Planning Are About to Really Heat Up. Gotham Gazette. April 2019.

Cuomo astride our infrastructure: He got the Second Ave. Subway and new Tappan Zee over the finish line, but how? Daily News. September 2018.

How the governor latched onto decades of planning to achieve his new Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.  Journal News.  June 2018. 

Open questions about the new Tappan Zee/Mario Cuomo Bridge. Daily News.  August 2017.

Game changers for JFK International. Gotham Gazette.  November 2015.

The LaGuardia VaporTrain? Gotham Gazette.  September 2015.

Tunnel vision.  Bergen Record Op-Ed.  August 2015.

JFK International: The airport New York deserves. Gotham Gazette.  August 2015.

Good and bad news on Second Avenue subway. Gotham Gazette.  July 2015.

Tappan Zee Bridge's ties to Pataki, Clinton, Trump, Christie. Journal News Op-Ed.  July 2015.

Indictments are an affirmation that our system is working.  Bergen Record Op-Ed.  May 2015.

Port Authority proposal to cut late-night PATH service is short-sightedStar-Ledger Op-Ed.  January 2015

Paying their fair share of the rail tunnel. The Record Op-Ed.  October 2010.

Watch out for cracks in our crystal ball. New York Transportation Journal. Fall 2010.

Get used to paying more for less. Newsday. July 2010.

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