LaTeX Timetable


This is the latest version 1.41 of a LaTeX package for creating one-week timetables as they can frequently be found in universities or schools. It contains bugfixes to 1.4.

New features of this version are pdfLaTeX compatibility, and several design extensions. This package is fully interface compatible to documents created under version 1.3, and contains all amendments proposed by Daniel Bader. Like its predecessor, however, it is unfortunately incompatible to versions 1.1 and 1.2.


Please download the sources and a sample with explanations from this folder:

You can compile both with LaTeX

latex example.tex && dvips example.dvi && ps2pdf

and with pdfLaTeX

pdflatex example.tex

The package additionally contains a PDF manual with explanations and examples. Please note again that this package does not work with documents using the old syntax of versions 1.1 and 1.2 (which you might still find on the net).


The general structure of a minimal file using my package looks as follows (please refer to my example for a more detailed description):


% Definitions







\printheading{Time table $6^\mathsf{th}$ Semester}

% Define the layout of your time tables





% Define event types

% type r g b t_r t_g t_b

\defineevent{corelecture}{0.0} {0.28}{1.0} {1.0}{1.0}{1.0}

\defineevent{seminar} {1.0} {0.4} {0.2} {1.0}{1.0}{1.0}

\defineevent{work} {0.21}{0.5} {0.16}{1.0}{1.0}{1.0}

% Start the time table




% x start end name lecturer location type

\event 1 {1415} {1600} {Data Networks Lecture} {Druschel} {E1{\tiny 3} 002} {corelecture}

\event 1 {1615} {1800} {Tutorial SysArch} {Gwosdek} {E1{\tiny 3} SR014} {work}

\event 2 {0915} {1100} {Embedded Systems Lecture} {Finkbeiner} {E1{\tiny 3} 003} {corelecture}

\event 2 {1115} {1300} {Differential Equations in IPCV Lecture} {Weickert} {E1{\tiny 3} 001} {corelecture}

\event 2 {1415} {1600} {Office Hour SysArch} {Gwosdek} {E1{\tiny 1} HaDePra} {work}

\event 3 {1415} {1600} {Data Networks Lecture} {Druschel} {E1{\tiny 3} 002} {corelecture}

\event 3 {1615} {1800} {Numerical Algorithms in Image Analysis} {Bruhn, Weickert} {E1{\tiny 1} 3.06} {seminar}

\event 4 {0915} {1100} {Embedded Systems Lecture} {Finkbeiner} {E1{\tiny 3} 003} {corelecture}

\event 4 {1115} {1300} {Tutorial SysArch} {Gwosdek} {E1{\tiny 3} SR014} {work}

\event 5 {1000} {1100} {Bremser Meeting SysArch} {SysArch United} {E1{\tiny 3}} {work}

\event 5 {1115} {1300} {Differential Equations in IPCV Lecture} {Weickert} {E1{\tiny 3} 001} {corelecture}





The timetable LaTeX style sheet is free software. You can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. You may use version 3 of the license, or (at your option) any later version.

If you decide to redistribute this package, please leave the name of the original author, Pascal Gwosdek, in the header of the file or move it into a file AUTHORS.

Old Versions

For the sake of downwards compatibility, you find old versions of this package below. Please do not use them for new projects and be aware that they are neither supported, nor guaranteed to be bug free!