Pixlr Workshop

Welcome to the Pixlr Workshop. Pixlr is a great alternative to the expensive software. Consequently, I have decided to make several lessons using this fabulous online tool. Students can go home and work on projects for free. They can become masters of the software if they so choose. The beauty of learning Pixlr is that you can transfer some of that knowledge to other software programs. I have been using Photoshop for over 15 years. My relatively proficient use of Photoshop has given me the understanding of image editors. With online editors coming and going, students need to be able to problem solve and trouble shoot new programs so they can be adaptable. Hopefully students can appreciate Pixlr as much as I have. Check out the Multi-Media example, keep in mind that most of the examples were done using Pixlr. However, some of them were done using Photoshop.

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